Niloofar Beyzaie


Niloofar Beyzaie can be an Iranian dramatist.


Niloofar Beyzaie may be the daughter from the theater and film director Bahram Beyzaie (Bahram Beyzai) and Monir Azam Raminfar who originates from a family group of artists. In 1985 she needed to keep Iran for politics reasons and researched German Literature, Movie theater, Film and Tv Research and Education on the Johann Wolfgang Goethe College or university in Frankfurt am Primary. After completing her academic research she founded 1994 the movie theater group "Daritsche". Since that time she actually is leading this group as Movie director, Play article writer, and light and outfit designer.


Central themes of her theater work are "woman", "the struggling of people among the crowd" and "being truly a stranger either in the very own or in the international society". She also places focus on the sociopolitical framework from the movie theater in its modern issues. Furthermore to her theatrical function she writes content about the politics and social circumstance, particularly the circumstance of ladies in Iran. She advocates for women's privileges as well as for the privileges of gays and lesbians in Iran and it is mixed up in Iranian artwork and cultural picture in exile for the privileges of spiritual minorities in Iran, specifically the Bahais. In 2005, she was honored the Persian "Globe Academy of Artwork, Literature and Mass media" in Budapest as the very best theatre movie director in exile in category "the Performing Arts". In the same calendar year her play Daughters of sunlight (Arrive,dance beside me) was performed in Zurich by Maralam Movie theater under path of Peter Braschler. The revival of her enjoy No Man's Property was performed in German in March 2009 in Karlsruhe inside the framework from the "Cultural Perspectives of Females celebration 09". Her play "In person on the Threshold from the Cool Season" is approximately two essential women from the Iranian background "Tahirih Qurratu'l- ayn and Forough Farokhzad" acquired its premiere in Oct 2011 Her most recent Play " In the current presence of the Blowing wind" was compiled by her dad in the sixties and was performed in several metropolitan areas of European countries and Germany from 2015 until oct. 2016.

Staging (theatre director)

Marjan, Mani and some small complications, 1996 THE FINAL Game, 1997 Zero Man's Property, 1998–99 A blade in the trunk ( A Play by Kaveh Esmaili), 1999–2000 The blue dreams of grey women, 2000–2001 3 Opinions on the death (predicated on a text message by: Mina Assadi), 2001–2002 The Blind Owl (predicated on a text message by: Sadegh Hedayat), 2004–2005 The blind owl (bilingual, along with Tom Peifer), 2005 foreign while you and We (predicated on a text message by Farhang Kassraei and Maria Piniella), 2006–2007 The Tone of voice of Silence, 2007–2008 The blind owl (revival), 2008 Zero Man's Property (revival in German vocabulary), 2009 1 document, two murders, 2009–2010 Diaries of papers or The way the trend ate its grandchildren (Play reading) 2011 In person in the Threshold from the Chilly Time of year, 2011-2012 In the current presence of the Blowing wind, 2015-2016

Plays (playwright)

Banu in the reflection town (performed in the same calendar year under path of Mohsen Hosseini in Frankfurt am Primary), 1994 Marjan, Mani and some small complications, 1995 The final game, 1996 Zero Man's Property, 1997 The blue dreams of the grey females, 2000 Come dance beside me (Daughters of sunlight), 2005 The Tone of voice of Silence, 2006 A single document, two murders, 2009 Diaries of papers or The way the trend ate its grandchildren (Play reading) 2011 In person on the Threshold from the Cold Period, 2011


2005:Persian "World Academy of Art, Literature and Media"Budapest:Best Director in the Performing Arts category and

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