Nikko Briteramos


Nikko Briteramos (given birth to June 22, 1983 in Chicago, Illinois is a past Huron University golf ball participant convicted in 2002 for not informing his partner of his HIV position before making love. He received nationwide interest after he was the 1st person caught under a South Dakota regulation requiring that individuals inform prospective intimate partners they are HIV positive. He became the central subject matter of wide-ranging honest and philosophical debates concerning the unconstitutionality and illegitimacy of partner notification regulation. In March 2002, he allegedly participated inside a “Post 9-11″ Red Cross” blood drive. Weeks later on he was educated by Red Mix officials how the donation that he offered was flagged for HIV. Briteramos admitted having unsafe sex with the girl in his dorm on Apr 13. The girl later tested adverse for HIV. He was caught after Health Division officials found out Briteramos and the girl in his dorm space. He was billed with three matters of intentional contact with the AIDS disease. Two counts had been dropped in trade for his guilty plea. He pled guilty to 1 count number of “Intentional Contact with HIV” and received a suspended phrase of five years, 120 times in prison, and 200 hours community assistance plus fines. Based on the plea offer he was to join up for college where later discovered that he previously lost his scholarship or grant. He was ultimately caught for violating the conditions of his probation for having spent five hours in the sign up process and examined positive for cannabis. Briteramos spent 1 . 5 years in the South Dakota Condition Penitentiary. Following his launch from prison, the 6 base-9 inches Briteramos performed in 2005-06 for Chicago Condition University. He had not been drafted from the NBA in 2006.