Nazrin Choudhury


Nazrin Choudhury can be an award-winning Uk screenwriter and celebrity of Bangladeshi descent.


Choudhury was created in THE WEST London, Britain to parents of Bangladeshi source. She graduated having a BSc in Biomedical Technology from King's University London, and finished an MA in Screenwriting in the Northern Film College, having received a FilmFour Productions/Route 4 Award.


Choudhury is a screenwriter that has scripted shows of British tv serials such as for example Casualty, Doctors, EastEnders and Waterloo Street. She also worked well as a story article writer on Coronation Road. Her critically acclaimed radio play Combined Blood received the Richard Imison Award in 2006.In 2006, she was awarded a grant for the arts from the Arts Council Britain for her 1st novel My Britain. Her 1st screenplay Scum received the 'Concentrate on Talent' honor, a competition operate by DNA Movies.Choudhury happens to be based in LA and was selected among the 10 finalists for the 2014 Fox Authors Intensive. She's most recently created for A&E's Damien, and written and produced on Houdini and Doyle and Fox's Wayward Pines.

Personal life

Choudhury is married.



Year Title Records 2003-2004 EastEnders 2 shows 2004-2011 Doctors 4 shows 2006 Casualty 2 shows 2006 Mixed Bloodstream BBC Radio Play 2009 Waterloo Street 1 event 2011 Everywhere and Nowhere Additional composing 2016 Damien 1 event 2016 Houdini and Doyle 1 event 2016 Wayward Pines 1 episode


Year Title Part 2001 Mersey Defeat (Television Series) Pharmacist (1 show) 2002 Bloodstream Strangers (Television Film) Air flow Stewardess 2004 Kismet Street (Television Series) Yasmin Munir (1 show) 2007 Emmerdale Nurse Gould (2 shows) 2009 The Royal Today Maya (1 show)


Year Title Records 2016 Houdini and Doyle Co-producer (10 shows) 2016 Wayward Pines Co-producer (10 shows)

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