Mubeyyin Batu Altan


Mubeyyin Batu Altan can be an American Tatar scholar, activist and leading shape in the American Tatar community.


Altan was created in Crimea in the Ukrainian SSR to a displaced Tatar family members from Sudak. Their first surname was Muhtar nonetheless it was transformed when they resolved within a refugee camp in Tuzla, Turkey. In the 1960s his family members migrated to the united states, where he examined first on the School of Bridgeport and afterwards at the Internal Asian and Altaic Research Section of Harvard School. In 1986 he began posting the Crimean Review, the initial English-language magazine in the nationwide movement from the Crimean Tatars. From 1999 to 2003 he was the leader from the International Committee for Crimea and presently acts as the movie director from the Crimean Tatar Analysis and Information Middle.