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Mostafa Alnagat (Arabic: مصطفى النجار‎‎; (given birth to 5 Apr 1980 in Cairo, Egypt) can be a significant Egyptian opposition shape and politician, and a article writer, with a particular interest in individual rights.

Involvement in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011-esqat alnezam

Mostafa Alnagar is among the iconic figures from the 25 January 2012 Trend,Mostafa Alnagar's name was specifically related Wael Ghonim in environment the flare of open public rebellion against the program( esqat alnezam). He had written a" notice" to "The chief executive" detailing why was the day 25 January selected for the trend, which was released on Aldostor Alasly newspapers then eliminated after becoming copied by many newspapers and sites and re-published by Alyom7 a 12 months later . The day 25 January have been announced previously through a Facebook web page titled, "WE ALL HAVE BEEN Khaled Stated," assisting Khaled Said, a Egyptian who was simply tortured to loss of life by law enforcement in Alexandria. Whose admin was Wael Ghonim which used this site in shifting and integrating the anti-government protests from the 25th of Jan trend. He first produced an announcement around the web page on 14 January, requesting members if indeed they were likely to plan on acquiring to the roads on 25 January and perform what Tunisia do? In under 2 hours he released a meeting entitled: 25 يناير على التعذيب والفساد والظلم والبطالة [January 25: Trend against Torture, Problem, Unemployment and Injustice]. This is the 1st invitation and many more adopted. He anonymously collaborated with activists on the floor to declare the places for the protest. "Mostafa Alnagar was the only person who knew I had been the admin of Khaled Saed web page", Ghoneim says.


Mostafa Alnagar received his bachelor's level in dentistry from Cairo University or college and then continued to review mass communication in the American University or college in Cairo (AUC). He also worked well like a researcher on the project documenting interpersonal movements completed by the politics science division at AUC.

Political activities

Mostafa's grandfather, Kamal Abdel Tawab, was a respected MB shape. Mostafa himself became a member of the movement's youngsters wing but still left the business in 2005, when he sensed he "no more identified using its system and ideology". Since 2007, Mostafa Alnagar continues to be positively blogging and composing extensively about individual rights.He was co-ordinator for the Arab Journalists and Bloggers Network for Individual Rights.Mostafa was arrested 3 x: in 2000 prior to the parliamentary elections; in 2003 for his participation in the protests against the Iraq battle; in January 2010, following the Nag` Hammadi occurrence. He had eliminated with additional delegates to Nag` Hammadi to provide his condolences towards the families of those that had been shot to loss of life outside a chapel during the Xmas mass. He and his co-workers had been accused of intimidating nationwide unity and igniting sectarian strife.He was among the doctors who traveled to Gaza following the siege in '09 2009, where he simultaneously treated people and reported the occasions because they unfolded.This year 2010, he became coordinator of ElBaradei's Nationwide Association for Switch Marketing campaign, "a coalition of opposition figures and groups shaped this year 2010 to demand democratic reforms aswell as free of charge and reasonable presidential elections where independent candidates which were not handpicked from the Mubarak regime could run."

After January 25, 2011

Mostafa Alnagar actively urged visitors to sign up for the January 25, 2011, protest. As a result, he was caught for the 4th time on the night time of January 25, 2011. He premiered shortly after.Television hostess Muna Al-Shazli featured Mostafa on her behalf show through the earlier times of the Trend, and Mostafa tried to provide people in the home a feeling of what protesters were going right through. Mostafa recounted that he was standing up alongside a man before the Egyptian Museum, which is quite near Tahrir Square. The son, Ahmed, asked him if it had been possible that the authorities would open fire bullets at them; "They're Egyptian like us, ideal"? he asked. Mostafa reassured him that they might not open fire. That night time, a bullet wiped out Ahmed. As the protesters rushed him to 1 from the makeshift private hospitals so that they can conserve him, Ahmed asked Mostafa, "Are we ideal?" Mostafa informed him, "Yes, we are." And with this, he died. Therefore, Mostafa stated, on air flow, "To Ahmed also to all of the martyrs, I am letting you know right now: we are on the right course, and we'll become victorious." In June 2011, Mostafa cofounded al-Adl Party, which "looks for to carve for itself a centrist placement in Egypt’s post-revolution politics landscape from the ideological spats dividing secular and Islamist styles."In August 2011, when bed-ridden Mubarak's trial 1st began, Mostafa called the trial "an instant zero Egyptian ever thought was feasible". He stated he experienced that as soon as was "a genuine achievement for the trend" and thought that "as soon as of actual retribution is definitely near". In November 2011, Mostafa went for a chair in parliament and received against his challenger, a Salafi who was simply backed from the Salafist party al-Nour as well as the Muslim Brotherhood's party al-Hurriyya wal-Adala (Independence and Justice). Hardly any people thought he'd earn against such a well-funded challenger. But Mostafa were able to win with a landslide in the runoff. He stated that there is an enormous smear marketing campaign against him through the elections, that folks in mosques would in fact marketing campaign against him, questioning his beliefs and informing the "impressionable, much less lucky people" that he had not been Muslim.Mostafa was the only person in Al-Adl party to gain a chair in parliament.In mid-June 2012, Egypt's Supreme Courtroom dissolved the elected parliament, on grounds that "1 / 3 from the parliament have been elected illegally which the complete body therefore needed to be dissolved."


He won an honorary honor from the US Human Privileges Council in Beirut this year 2010 for his blog page Ana Ma`ahum (I am with them).

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