Momtaz Begum

Momtaz Begum
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Background information
Native nameমমতাজ বেগম
BornSingair, Manikganj, Bangladesh
OriginManikganj, Bangladesh
Occupation(s)Singer, Member of Parliament


Momtaz Begum (Bengali: মমতাজ বে

Early life

She was created in the town Joymontop in Singair, in Manikganj. She spent the majority of her child years learning music from her dad, Modhu Boyati who was simply also a vocalist., A different one of her educators and mentors was Matal Razzaque Dewan.Mumtaz Begum's initiation into music occurred early. She was a kid when she followed her father, 1st as an target audience member, and immediately after a co-performer. The type of music she performed like, Marfati, Boithoki, and Murshidi can approximately be classified in the mystic tunes genre.


In the beginning Momtaz released albums completely financed simply by herself. After these became well-known she was employed by producers to create additional recordings, though her payment was generally an extremely low flat rate as well as the agreement stipulated that would need to be repaid if these didn't sell well. Nevertheless, her musical functions are tended to market out almost instantly and within an extremely short time, she discovered herself quite occupied; often documenting two songs each day. Within an interview using the Bangladeshi daily Daily Celebrity she mentioned: "I utilized to be passed down the lyrics as well as the music paths mins before and there utilized to be almost no period for rehearsal and I had fashioned to record it in any way at once". A few of her music albums are Come back Solution, Ashol Boithoki, Murshider Talim, and Ronger Bazar.

Charity work

Momtaz established a 50-bed Momtaz Eyes Medical center with support from Orbis International, in her local village Joymontop. A healthcare facility was set up in storage of her dad, Modhu Boyati, who dropped his eyesight as he cannot afford a cataract procedure because of poverty.