Minoru Arakawa

Minoru Arakawa
Born (1946-09-03) September 3, 1946 (age 70)
Kyoto, Japan
Alma mater Kyoto University (B.S. and M.S)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.S)
Known forFounder of Nintendo of America


Minoru Arakawa (荒川 實, Arakawa Minoru, given birth to Sept 3, 1946) may be the creator and former chief executive of Nintendo of America as well as the co-founder of Tetris Online, Inc.

Born in Sept 1946 in Kyoto, Japan, Minoru Arakawa attended Kyoto College or university as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, learning Civil Anatomist. In 1972, he was employed by Japanese conglomerate Marubeni within their international personnel, with the duty of assisting to develop resorts, offices and condos overseas. He wedded the girl of Nintendo leader Hiroshi Yamauchi, Yoko Yamauchi, but continuing to function for Marubeni, ultimately shifting to Vancouver along with his family members in 1977.Arakawa accepted the give from Hiroshi to determine Nintendo of America. The business was founded in NEW YORK in 1980, and Arakawa became its initial leader. After a devastating knowledge with the Radar Range arcade video game Arakawa was responsible for importing to the united states, he rebounded by switching the badly received Radar Range towards the phenomenally effective Donkey Kong, which includes got many sequels. As this is first video game to feature Mario, Arakawa can be acknowledged with naming the type, a name which is due to his, at that time, Italian landlord Mario Segale.Beginning in 1985, he and Howard Lincoln had been instrumental in rebuilding the UNITED STATES video game market (following the crash of 1983) using the Nintendo Entertainment System. Arakawa also employed Howard Philips, who be invaluable towards the creation of Nintendo Power publication.Arakawa resigned as NOA chief executive and was succeeded by Tatsumi Kimishima, previous chief financial official of Nintendo's Pokémon subsidiary, in January 2002. Arakawa received a lifetime accomplishment award in Feb 2007 in the Interactive Achievement Honours.In January 2006, Arakawa co-founded Tetris Online, Inc. with Henk Rogers and Tetris inventor Alexey Pajitnov, which created various video games for Nintendo DS, Wii, iOS, and Facebook. Arakawa offered as the chief executive of Tetris Online, Inc. until March 2013. He's also an consultant to Avatar Fact.