Messaoud Bellemou


Messaoud Bellemou can be an Algerian musician and probably one of the most important performers of contemporary raï music. Messaoud began his profession taking part in the trumpet but quickly became known for adding international instruments just like the saxophone, violin, and accordion towards the genre. He’s considered by some individuals like among the fathers of Contemporary Raï Music,. The Algerian raï vocalist Boutaïaba Sghir offers declared that this cooperation of Bellemou in Raï Music was essential but Raï Music been around before the arriving of Bellemou( observe interview on YouTube). This trumpeter spent some time working through the 1970s with different raï singers of his generation like Boutaïaba Sghir, Boussouar El Maghnaoui, Bouteldja Belkacem. In 1980s the word pop-raï continues to be used to spell it out the brand new generation of chebs and chebats (from your Arabic for “youthful”) introducing fresh instruments, and as well as Belkacem Bouteldja released among the 1st records of the brand new genre.