Maureen Braziel

Maureen Braziel
Residence Brooklyn, New York, USA


Maureen Braziel was among the pioneers of Women’s Judo competition. She’s been regarded as being among the best Judoka in america, and inside the 1970s.


She won the sterling silver medal heavyweight in the 1971 Uk Open up, and bronze on view department. She was the initial female to put in worldwide competition in Judo. Because of this, helped to create women's Judo a sport beneath the Beginner Athletic Union. Maureen was the women's US Country wide 1st-place champion for the heavyweight department as well as the grand champ for the years 1974, 1975, and 1976. At a competition fat of 180 pounds, Maureen was strong a sufficient amount of to contend with guys. She defeated Diane Pierce in 1974 for the Country wide Tournament. Diane Pierce would afterwards show up on the present TO BE HONEST claiming to end up being the 1974 Country wide Judo Champ. Maureen gained the silver medal in the 1975 Judo International tournament for the heavyweight department in Switzerland. She was the undisputed US Heavyweight Champ in the East Coastline from 1967 to 1977. In 1976 she was area of the US Women's Country wide Group under her friend and group trainer Rusty Kanokogi She positioned second in 1977, 1979 and 1980 for the Women's US Nationals She was the Beginner Athletic Union Many Outstanding Player Prize in 1974

Personal life

Pursuing competition she founded the PolyTech Judo Golf club. She offered as the top trainer for the Poly Technology Judo Club. She'd afterwards serve as athletic movie director at Poly Technology. Even later she'd serve as the athletic movie director for NYU-Poly. She'd afterwards retire after 30 years at NYU. She offered as the secretary for NYS Judo (circa 2009).