Mark H. Chilton


This site lists the persons who’ve served as mayor of the city of Carrboro, NEW YORK because the town’s incorporation as the city of Venable in 1911. The town’s Table of Aldermen comprises the mayor, who acts a term of 2 yrs, aswell as six alderpersons providing staggered conditions of four years. William H. Parker (1911–1917; 1937–1941) Thomas “Newt” Mann (1917–1918; 1923–1927) Braxton Bynum Lloyd (1918–1919) Hyde Bryan Durham (1919–1923; 1927–1933) Seaton E. Lloyd (1923) Clifton C. Mind (1933–1935) Roy Rigsbee (1935–1937) Robert B. Studebaker (1941–1943) Isaac A. Western (1943–1949) Isaac F. “Dawson” Hardee (1949–1951) J. Sullivan “Hoot” Gibson (1951–1955) Robert B. Todd (1955–1960) Charles Taylor Ellington (1960–1966) H. Bryant Hackney (1966–1967) T. Hughes Lloyd (1967–1971) Robert J. Wells (1971–1975) Ruth Western (1975–1977) Robert W. Drakeford (1977–1983) Wayne V. Porto, Jr (1983–1987) Ellie Kinnaird (1987–1995) Mike Nelson (1995–2005) Tag Chilton (2005–2013) Lydia Lavelle (2013– )


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