Marie-Arlette Carlotti


Marie-Arlette Carlotti (given birth to in Béziers about 21 January 1952) is a French politician and previous Person in the Western Parliament for the south-east of France. Educated at Paul Cézanne University or college in Marseille, France, she actually is a member from the Socialist Party, which is definitely area of the Party of Western Socialists, and sat within the Western Parliament’s Committee on Advancement. Since 16 May 2012, she actually is Vice-Minister of Handicapped people in the Ayrault Cupboard. She actually is also vice-chair from the ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Set up, and an alternative for the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the delegation for relationships using the Maghreb countries as well as the Arab Maghreb Union, as well as the delegation towards the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Set up. Carlotti was among six Members from the Euro Parliament taking part in the Euro Union’s observer objective in Togo for the Oct 2007 Togolese parliamentary election. On 16 Might 2012 she was appointed Junior Minister for the Impaired at the France Ministry of Public Affairs and Wellness by Leader François Hollande.


Specialised postgraduate diploma in law (1979) Specialised postgraduate diploma in individual resource management (1986) Firm executive in the aeronautical industry (since 1991) Person in the Socialist Party nationwide executive and nationwide secretary (1986-1994) nationwide delegate (since 1998) Person in the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council representing the Canton of Marseille-Les Cinq-Avenues(since 1988) Person in the Western european Parliament (1996-2009) Junior Minister for the Impaired in the federal government of Jean-Marc Ayrault (2012)