Maria Luisa Altieri Biagi

Maria Luisa Altieri Biagi
Venice, Italy
OccupationScholar and writer
Alma materUniversity of Bologna
Notable works Linguistica essenziale
Grammatica del testo


Maria Luisa Altieri Biagi (given birth to 1930) can be an Italian scholar and article writer.


Altieri Biagi graduated in the School of Florence, where she studied Linguistics, and is a teacher of History from the Italian language on the School of Trieste since 1967, with the School of Bologna since 1974.Her numerous research have helped to market a knowledge from the German, stylistics and jargons.She's written essays within the language of important historical characters, as Galileo Galilei and Francesco Redi.She actually is further an associate of Crusca Academy and of Technology Academy of Bologna.


Galileo e la terminologia tecnico-scientifica, Florence, Olschki, 1965; Lingua e cultura di Francesco Redi, medico, Florence, Olschki, 1968: (with G. Devoto) La lingua italiana. Storia e problemi attuali, Torino, ERI, 1968; La lingua in scena, Bologna, Zanichelli, 1980; (with Bruno Basile) Scienziati del Seicento, Milan-Naples, Ricciardi, 1980; (with Bruno Basile) Scienziati del Settecento, Milan-Naples, Ricciardi, 1983; Linguistica essenziale, Milan, Garzanti, 1985; La grammatica dal testo, Milan, Mursia, 1987; L'italiano dai testi, Milan, Mursia, 1988; L'avventura della mente. Studi sulla lingua scientifica dal Credited al Settecento, Naples, Morano, 1990.