Mads Brügger


Mads Brügger (given birth to 24 June 1972) is a Danish filmmaker and Television sponsor. His Danes for Bush as well as the Crimson Chapel are ironic documentaries filmed in america and North Korea. Around the Danish route DR2 he continues to be host from the chat display Den 11. period and the news headlines program Deadline. In October 2011 he released a fresh documentary, The Ambassador, about the trading of diplomatic titles in Africa. Brügger impersonated a Liberian ambassador by investing in a fresh identity on the black market, and proceeded to expose the simplicity with which people keeping diplomatic game titles can exploit the jewel trade. As consequence of the revelations in the documentary the federal government of Liberia has taken legal actions to prosecute Brügger as well as the additional participants, because of the embarrassment his function did to the united states. However, by July 2012 the Danish authorities is not offered a formal demand for the extradition of Brügger.