Mac Brandt


Macintosh Brandt can be an American professional most widely known for his jobs seeing that C.O. Mack Andrews in the Fox criminal offense drama Jail Break (2005-2006), so that as Macintosh Sullivan in the Audience Network sports activities dilemma Kingdom (2014-present).

Early Life

He's a native from the Chicago region and a 1998 graduate of Montini Catholic SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL where he served seeing that President from the Pupil Government and beginning Nose Guard from the football team.


He has portrayed men name "Mack" and "Mick" more often than once.

Film roles

The Art of Stalking - The Cop (2007) Hammer from the Gods - Baldur The Family members Tree - Small OFFICER (2011) The List - The Sentry (2013) Gangster Squad - Bruiser (2013) Sleeping Canines Lay - Harlow's Attorney (2014)

Game roles

Killzone 3 - Kowalski Firewatch - Ned Goodwin (Feb 2016)

Recurring TV roles

Jail Break - C.O. Mack Andrews (2005-06) Grey's Anatomy - Paramedic 2 in "Lovely Surrender", Paramedic 3 in "Drowning On Dry out Property", "A BIG CHANGE is Gonna Arrive" and "Just what a Difference each day Makes" Arrested Advancement - Coastline Guardsman in "Queen Bee", "Borderline Personalities", "Indian Takers" and "Colony Collapse" Kingdom - Mac pc Sullivan (2014-2016) THE NIGHT TIME Shift - Mac pc Reily/Reily (6 shows, 2016-17) Longmire - Duncan Butler in "A Fog THAT WONT Lift" and "One Great Storage" Colony - Sgt. Jenkins (2017)

One-shot TV roles

THE MACHINE - MP#1 in "The Outsiders" (2007) With out a Track - Press in "Lost Boy" (2007) Lincoln Heights - Official Ferguson in "Out using a Bang" (2007) Jericho - Medic in "Condor" (2007) Entourage - Smoke Jumper 2 in "Seth Green Day" (2008) Mental - Darren Knuth in "Reserve of Judges" (2009) Bringing up the Club - Official Tommy Boozang in "Great and Dandy" (2009) The Mentalist - Xander in "Red Menace" (2009) Three Streams - Mick in "Great Motives" (2009) NCIS: LA - Mick Benelli in "THE LENDER Job" (2010) Chilly Case - Preston Schmall in "THE FINAL Drive-In" (2010) Bone fragments - Jesse Wilson in "The Twisted Bone fragments in the Melted Truck" (2010) THE FUNCTION - Shopping mall Cop in "One Can Live, One Can Die" (2011) Harry's Law - Marcus in "YOU WILL SEE Bloodstream" (2011) CSI: Miami - Victor Shetland in "SEVERAL Dead Males" (2011) CSI: NY - Nathan Brody in "THE TRUE McCoy" (2012) Hawaii Five-0 - Craig Brant in "Hoa Pili" (2013) Hi there Women - Drunk Dude in "The Limo" (2013) NCIS - Jake Spoke in "Once a Crook" (2013) The 100 - Tor Lemkin in "Twilight's Last Gleaming" (2014) Gang Related - Warren Davis in "Entre dos tierras" (2014) Hot in Cleveland - Mac pc in "Win Win" (2014) Castle - Jeremy in "Castle, P.We." (2015) Chasing Existence - Vance Madill in "1 DAY" (2015) Scandal - Captain Weaver in "SEVERAL Good Ladies" (2015) Main Offences - Kenny in "5th Dynasty" (2015) Rizzoli and Isles - Wally Johnson in Murderjuana (2016) Grimm - Ralph Rotterman in "Tree People" (2016) Supernatural - Bucky Sims in "Celebrating the life span of Asa Fox" (17 Nov 2016)