Luke Brugnara

Luke Brugnara
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Luke Brugnara, 1996
Born(1963-10-18) October 18, 1963 (age 53)
Other names"Lucky Luke"
OccupationCommercial real estate investor and developer and president of Brugnara Corporation
Known forHas purchased and developed over $2 billion of commercial real estate in San Francisco and Las Vegas since 1992.


Luke Dominic Brugnara ,(given birth to Oct 18, 1963), also called “Lucky Luke”, can be an American fraudster and ex – commercial property investor and designer. He was leader of Brugnara Company, which declared personal bankruptcy in ’09 2009.


Brugnara was created in the Sunset Area of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, the son of the "juvenile hall supervisor". He visited college at St. Ignatius University Preparatory, an exclusive preparatory Jesuit college. During his schooling years, he was thinking about sports such as for example track, eventually getting sufficient "in the 400 meters to perform for NORTH PARK Condition." Brugnara was a competitive flycaster during his teenage years and established several national precision flycasting information in the American Casting Association which still stand today.


Brugnara earned a bachelor's level in Marketing communications and a master's level in Financing in 1988, graduating from NORTH PARK State College or university. Thereafter he went to San Francisco Regulation School. Immediately after, he started working in the true property business at a "personal mortgage banking company". Working in the company helped him to determine a strategy to succeed in property, which he enacted in 1992 by purchasing "a $12.5 million first TD on a house in downtown SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA through bankruptcy court from American Cost savings for only $1.5 million". Brugnara also "could purchase four even more high-rise office structures in 1993 after taking right out a $3 million home loan on the house". By 1999, those four extra properties have been offered for over $130 million, which Brugnara utilized to make bigger buys. Brugnara's high-rise workplace purchases in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA included: the Kress Building, 939 Marketplace Street, 814 Objective Road, the Bulletin Building, the Westinghouse Electric powered Building, 171 Second Road, 450 Pacific, Fritz Plaza, 735 Marketplace Road, 140 Sansome Road, the Royal Insurance Building, 201 Sansome Road, the Pacific Loan provider Building, 351 California Road, the Medico-Dental Building, 490 Post Road. Brugnara also contracted to get the Chevron Building at a steep price cut in this buying binge. Because he previously purchased a lot more than "one million square foot" of high-rise workplace buildings throughout that period without companions, he "became the biggest 100% charge owner of property in downtown SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA" and gathered "a net worthy of of over 25 % of the billion dollars" ($250 million).

Las Vegas

Brugnara initial became involved with Las Vegas property in 1999, when he attemptedto choose the Desert Inn for $270 mil, but was bought out by Sunlight International and Steve Wynn. Then proceeded to get the Silver Town Casino as well as the Las Vegas Buying Plaza within the Las Vegas Remove for $40 million, which he shut in November 1999 to be able to switch them right into a "3,000 space mega-resort internet casino", but he transformed the property right into a shopping mall in 2004 following the Nevada Video gaming Commission refused him a gaming permit in 2001. Brugnara authorized the best grossing rent in the united states for a shop having a $100 million Walgreens rent in his shopping mall. The Video gaming Commission got cited his "permit software and business acumen" as known reasons for not really permitting him the permit, adding that his alleged verbal misuse against officials during instances concerning his properties, such as for example an alleged overgrowth of ivy, had been additional explanations why his software was refused. In response, Brugnara mentioned the Nevada Gambling Commissioners had been "being controlled with a cartel of insiders" and had been "puppets of his internet casino competitors given that they had been all in appointed positions", plus a danger to document an anti-trust lawsuit through barrister Joseph Alioto. Brugnara select not to document an anti-trust match against the Nevada Video gaming Percentage and casinos after Video gaming Chairman, and current Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, mentioned that "Brugnara is definitely pleasant to reapply for the permit, and will be ideal for licensure after the problems of concern had been attended to". Sandoval also mentioned that he "respected" Brugnara for his achievements.In 2006–2007, Brugnara leased his 20,000+ sq ft, 11-bedroom NEVADA mansion to Michael Jackson for over $1 million for half a year. Brugnara's mansion was reported to possess various facilities including a 2,000 sq foot wardrobe in the master suite. That same calendar year, Brugnara contracted to get the Crazy Equine Too strip membership for $40 million; Brugnara's world wide web worth was approximated at a half-billion dollars ($500 million).In January 2010, he submitted a $170 million bid with U.S. Personal bankruptcy Courtroom in Miami to get the bankrupt $2 billion Fontainebleau task on the NEVADA Remove, but was informed that he previously submitted the wrong paperwork. Carl Icahn is normally "likely to take over possession", despite the fact that he had provided less overall than Brugnara.


In 1998, Brugnara was sued from the SF Town Attorney for building code violations in a few of his highrise office buildings. The day from the purported violations, mainly open up building permits, dated to over ten years before Brugnara ever bought the properties. Brugnara classified the lawsuit as politically motivated because of his quick rise and his uncle who was simply the principle of Law enforcement and a politics adversary from the SF Mayor and Town Attorney. The situation was solved for $1 million payment.In 2001, Brugnara was sued by US Taxes Attorneys in Government Civil Court, who claimed Brugnara owed yet another $11 million in taxes for tax years 1993 through 1997. When the situation finally visited Federal Courtroom in March 2008, Government Judge Haines ruled that the united states Tax Attorneys had been incorrect and Brugnara owed no extra fees ($0) to the government for taxes years 1993–1997.Two times after Judge Haines ruled and only Brugnara, in Apr 2008, the united states Attorneys filed an instance against Brugnara for "failing woefully to report capital increases through the sale of home in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and NEVADA for taxes years 2000 and 2001" as well as for "blocking the migration of steelhead trout within a creek that works through his plantation". Although the united states Lawyers indicted Brugnara for not really confirming $45 million in capital increases, following the forensic accounting was finished in January 2010 by the united states Lawyers and Brugnara's accountants, "it had been discovered and decided by the united states Lawyers that the taxes loss had not been $45 million, but was just $300,000 taxes loss for the entire year involved; a 99% mistake by the united states Lawyers from their initial $45 million state, and only 1/3rd of 1% from the $103 million income that Brugnara gained from your taxes 12 months 2001 under indictment." The info was discovered due to a history investigation conducted from the Nevada Video gaming Control Board when it comes to Brugnara's video gaming license software. Brugnara was convicted by plea in-may 2010 from the $300,000 taxes loss and seafood charge. Brugnara submitted an appeal using the Ninth Circuit Courtroom of Attracts overturn his plea conviction also to head to trial declaring "his plea was coerced following the US Lawyers, suddenly with no warning or cause, positioned Brugnara inside a harmful prison cell in East Oakland with violent gang users the evening prior to the trial was arranged to commence, and postponed the trial for a month to draw out the plea." Additionally, Brugnara asserted that the complete case by the united states Lawyer was "harmful prosecution from dropping the last US Taxes Case in Judge Haines Federal government Courtroom just days before the indictment." Brugnara's lawyers stated that there is no "taxes criminal offense" as there should be "legal intent" for any taxes criminal offense, and "1/3 of 1% of taxes loss from a decade prior without subsequent indiscrepencies will not equate to legal intention." Judge William Alsup didn't enable Brugnara to withdraw his plea despite Brugnara keeping his innocence and asking for a trial. An purchase for restitution in the quantity of $1,904,625 was affirmed and Brugnara's counsel decided "the quantities mathematically are appropriate.". This biography of a full time income person needs extra citations for confirmation. Please help with the addition of reliable resources. Contentious materials about living people that's unsourced or badly sourced should be taken out immediately, particularly if possibly libelous or dangerous. (Might 2015)IN-MAY 2014 Brugnara was accused of fraud involving art sent to his Sea Cliff estate. After allegedly getting $11 million of modern and modern artwork from Rose Long, a female from Tennessee Brugnara alleges includes a background of art scams, Brugnara determined the fact that art had not been authentic and had been reproductions that acquired little value. Furthermore, Long provided Brugnara 365 times to authenticate the artwork, but Brugnara acquired his lawyer negotiate a shared discharge with her lawyer within 48 hours following the crates had been delivered to keep these things returned to Very long. Long refused to get the unopened crates, relating to SFGate. He was consequently charged with email fraud, using the recommendation that he previously failed to purchase functions from de Kooning and Degas. It had been later exposed during courtroom proceedings that Long was a front side for Walter Maibaum who in fact owned the items. Maibaum is a fresh York dealer who was simply sued by publisher S.We. Newhouse and Christies public sale house in '09 2009 in NY Supreme Courtroom for scams for offering Newhouse a false bronze Picasso for $6M, which Maibaum bought just weeks previously for some thousand dollars. Brugnara maintains his innocence and stated he was an meant sufferer of Long and Maibaum.In 2015, Brugnara produced the FBI Most Desired List after escaping from custody while at the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA federal building throughout a ending up in his attorney. He was recaptured seven days later in Los Gatos, California.Brugnara represented himself in the trial, that was tried before Judge Alsup from the North Region of California. By the finish from the trial Judge Alsup acquired sentenced Brugnara to 471 times in jail for contempt because of Brugnara's conduct through the trial, including consistently overlooking Judge Alsup's evidentiary and procedural rulings, yelling at witnesses, tossing tantrums, and insulting the government's lawyers, including contacting U.S. Region Lawyer Robin Harris a "Nazi" before the jury.On October 20, 2015, Brugnara was sentenced to seven years in prison for art fraud. ON, MAY 11, 2017 the Appeals Courtroom affirmed all of the convictions, turned down Brugnara's debate his pro se self-representation violated his to a good trial, and rejected his obtain a fresh trial.

Personal life

After becoming familiar with his future wife in college, they married in the 1990s and also have four children. Brugnara splits home between NEVADA and an "expansive SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Ocean Cliff villa bought for over $16M in 2000 from comedian Cheech Marin." Brugnara may be the nephew of previous San Francisco Law enforcement Key Anthony "Tony" Ribera.


Brugnara is a long-time supporter of charitable causes, including Catholic Charities, and $3 mil to save lots of St. Brigid Cathedral in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA in 2005.


Brugnara owns and handles more than 25,000 acre foot (31,000,000 m) of appropriated drinking water privileges in California and a dam and tank which holds more than 2,000 acre foot of drinking water. In 2008 Brugnara is at negotiations to provide the town of Gilroy their local water supply.


Brugnara comes with an artwork collection he ideals at more than $100 mil, including what he believes is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.