Luciano Chessa


Luciano Chessa (given birth to 1971, Sassari, Italy) is a composer, performer, and musicologist. Being a composer, conductor, pianist, and music found / Vietnamese dan bau soloist, Luciano Chessa continues to be active in European countries, the U.S., Australia, and SOUTH USA. Compositions add a piano and percussion duet after Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Petrolio”, created for Sarah Cahill and Chris Froh and provided in 2004 on the American Academy in Rome, “Il pedone dell’aria” for orchestra and dual kids choir, premiered in 2006 on the Auditorium of Turin’s Lingotto and eventually released on Dvd movie, and two functions in cooperation with musician Terry Berlier: “Louganis” for piano and Television/VCR combo (performed on the Mon Evening Concerts this year 2010) and “Inkless Creativity IV” for viola, mini-bass musical found, turntables, piano, percussion, FM radios, blimp and video projection (premiered at UC Davis’ Mondavi Middle with the Empyrean Outfit). Among his compositions ought to be mentioned a big orchestral function commissioned with the Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino, Italy and entitled “Ragazzi incoscienti scarabocchiano sulla porta di un negozio fallito an.1902”, “Movements”, a multimedia function for 16mm film, dan bau and amplified film projectors stated in cooperation with filmmaker Rick Bahto, “Come un’infanzia”, a electric guitar + string quartet piece for the Still left Coast Chamber Outfit, and A Heavenly Act, an opera commissioned by SFMOMA and Opera Parallèle using a libretto by Gertrude Stein and video by Kalup Linzy. A Heavenly Action premiered on 19 August 2011, on the Yerba Buena Middle for the Arts in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, within a staged creation by the Outfit Parallèle, executed by Nicole Paiement and offering Linzy. Latest premieres consist of “LIGHTEST”, a SFMOMA fee provided on November 16, 2013, on the SF Columbarium, and “Arranged and Establishing”, a SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Modern Music Players percentage presented on Feb 18, 2014, in the Yerba Buena Middle for the Arts. Chessa’s 1st record, “Humus” (1997), from the Italian cult label Destination X, received superb reviews in every the main Italian musical mags (Fare Musica, Rumore, Il Mucchio Selvaggio) and was voted by Rockerilla’s critics among the 10 greatest worldwide recordings of 1997. His “Peyrano”, which include recordings stated in the 90s, continues to be re-released in March 2012 from the Swiss label Skank Bloc Information. Luciano Chessa continues to be performing futurist audio poetry for more than a decade. His reading of Italian poetry to accompany a efficiency from the Grammy Award Nominated New Hundred years Chamber Orchestra in San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre in 2000 was granted with superb evaluations in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA press, and in 2001 he provides given the present day premiere of Francesco Cangiullo’s explosive Futurist audio poems “Piedigrotta” and “Serata in onore di Yvonne” to vital acclaim. From the entire year 1999 to 2004, he is a person in the UC Davis Gospel Choir, where he offered as helper conductor to Calvin Lymos, the choir’s primary director. Being a musicologist, his regions of analysis competence include twentieth-century, experimental, and later fourteenth-century music (Ars Subtilior). His analysis on Italian Futurism, which he provides presented and released internationally, shows for the very first time the occult romantic relationship between Luigi Russolo’s intonarumori and Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanised noisemakers. He’s writer of Luigi Russolo Futurist. Sound, Visual Arts, as well as the Occult, the initial monograph ever to become focused on Russolo and his Artwork of Sound. Published with the School of California Press, the reserve offers received enthusiastic evaluations: “With meticulous focus on primary resources, galvanised by daring leaps of imagination, [Chessa] reveals a range of unorthodox ideas, creative tensions, and contradictions within Russolo’s milieu.” […] “Chessa’s prose embodies the pure pleasure of finding through study.” […] “The frenzied speed of Chessa’s composing retains a visionary advantage throughout, as well as the publication itself could possibly be seen as a good example of synthesis and dynamism.” (The Wire, June 2012) “The most in depth way to obtain Russolo obtainable in British.” ( “In Luigi Russolo, Futurist: Sound, Visual Arts, as well as the Occult, composer and SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Conservatory music background teacher Luciano Chessa reconstructs Russolo’s existence through ambitious archival study, uncovering and digesting esoteric and obscure text messages to reverse-engineer the way the designer’s eccentric passions influenced his creative result.” ( Chessa’s Futurist experience has led to an invitation by RoseLee Goldberg, General Movie director of the brand new York-based Biennale from the Arts PERFORMA to direct the 1st reconstruction task of Russolo’s first intonarumori orchestra, also to curate concerts of music particularly commissioned because of this orchestra. The brand new intonarumori ensemble continues to be unveiled in Oct 2009 at San Francisco’s YBCA’s Novellus Movie theater and then provided in NYC’s City Hall in November for PERFORMA 09—both occasions getting co-produced by PERFORMA and SFMOMA, and offering Minna Choi’s Magik*Magik Orchestra. This creation provided an impressive selection of globe premieres compiled by such composers and ensembles as Blixa Bargeld, John Butcher, Tony Conrad, Adam Fei, Ellen Fullman, Ghostdigital with Finboggi Petusson and Caspar Consumer electronics, Nick Hallett, Carla Kihlstedt + Matthias Bossi, Ulrich Krieger, Joan La Barbara, Pauline Oliveros, Pablo Ortiz, Mike Patton, Anat Find, Elliott Clear, Jennifer Walshe, Theresa Wong, Text message of Light. The creation, also offering Chessa’s L’acoustique ivresse, for bassvoice and intonarumori ensemble and the present day premiere of Russolo’s Risveglio di una citt


He keeps a D.M.A. in Piano efficiency and a M.A. in Structure through the G.B. Martini Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy, a M.A. magna cum laude ever sold of Medieval Music through the College or university of Bologna, and a Ph.D. in Musicology and Music Criticism through the College or university of California at Davis. He trained and lectured at several organizations including St. John's University of Oxford, UK, Columbia College or university, Harvard College or university, Sydney’s and Melbourne’s Conservatories and Colleges, the Conservatory of Music in Bologna, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Stanford College or university, and EMPAC in the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.