Liana Churilova


Liana Churilova (given birth to Apr 25, 1991) is a specialist ballroom dancer located in NEW YORK. She is the existing World American Tempo Champ, with her partner, Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine. These were also featured on ABC’s The View (14th annual Halloween “Transported with time” extravaganza), and ABC’s Dance using the Stars (Tribute to Haiti 10th season). Originally from Perm, Russia Liana began ballroom dancing at the first age of 6 and at 11 years moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. At age 17 she made a decision to proceed to America and partnered with Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine. In 2013 Liana and Emmanuel became the Globe Professional American Tempo Champions.


• 2 Period Globe Professional American Tempo Champion• U.S. Country wide American Rhythm Champ• Globe Salsa Champ. Debutanten 4 latin laatste plaats• 6 Period Arthur Murray World Professional American Rhythm Champion• Saint-Petersburg Youth International Latin Champion• America's Ballroom Problem winner