La Chunga


Micaela Flores Amaya, La Chunga (The Difficult Female), (Marseille, 1938) is a Spanish flamenco dancer and painter of naïf artwork. Given birth to in Marseille in 1938, the precise day of her delivery remains to be unknown. Her parents had been Andalusian Romani who emigrated to France through the Spanish Civil Battle. When she was significantly less than a year aged Micaela’s family relocated to Barcelona. She started dance when she was six years-old in “Ca La Rosita”, a well-known bodega for the gypsy community in El Poble-Sec. It had been at the moment she was found out with a painter from the name of Paco Rebés, who later on becomes her godfather and protector, during among her improvised road shows and he calls for her under his tutelage. Micaela Flores Amaya became the muse of many authors like Blas de Otero, Rafael Alberti, José Manuel Caballero Bonald and León Felipe, and many painters, like Picasso, Dalí and Francisco Rebés who produced her a stylish personality for intellectuals and motivated her to color. A 1958 picture displays Salvador Dalí welcoming her to create art by dance on a empty canvas. During intervals, Dali would color beneath her ft. She was known on her behalf barefoot design of flamenco dance and referred to as “The Barefoot Dancer”. She was adored by Picasso like a “glowing naif”. She also exhibited in a number of galleries of Paris, Madrid, etc. Pastora Imperio contracted her in 1956 and because of Ava Gardner, she took component in two Hollywood films. The businessman Sullivan launched her in NEVADA and she participated in a variety of TV applications in the U.S. and Mexico. Since then, she’s participated in lots of tours plus some films. She wedded the cinema movie director José Luis Gonzalvo plus they had a little girl, Pilar.


Tip on the Deceased Jockey (1957) directed by Richard Thorpe Back again to the entranceway (1959) directed by José María Forqué Un último verano (1961) by Juan Bosch Juan Pedro the Scyther ( (1969) by José Luis Gonzalvo "Cierto reflejos: La Chunga" (1978) by Mario Gomez Martin Vampire in Venice (1988) by Augusto Caminito Papa Piquillo (1998) by Alvaro Saenz de Heredia


Medalla de Oro del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Medalla Oro de la Asociación de la Prensa de Sevilla Trofeo Delfín de Alicante Premio del Ayuntamiento de Alicante Premio Cidale de los Almendros.