Konstantin Chuychenko


Konstantin Anatolyevich Chuychenko (Russian: Константин Анатольевич Чуйченко), (given birth to 12 July 1965) is a Russian attorney and businessman.


Given birth to in Leningrad, Soviet Union, Chuychenko graduated from regulations Division of Leningrad Condition University or college in 1987 like a fellow college student of Dmitry Medvedev.From 1989 to 1992 Chuychenko served in the KGB. In March 2001 he became the principle from the Legal Division of Gazprom and since Apr 2002 he is a person in the administration committee of Gazprom. From 17 January 2003 to July 2004 he was the Chairman from the Table of Directors from the Gazprom Press keeping. Since March 2003 he is a person in the table of directors from the TNT Television network. He's also an associate from the table of directors of Gazprom Press, NTV and a shareholder of Gazprom. Since July 2004 he continues to be an executive movie director of RosUkrEnergo representing Gazprombank. Since 23 Dec 2005, he is a person in the table of directors of Sibneft (right now Gazprom Neft).He's an aide to Russian chief executive Medvedev, serving while Head from the Control Division in the presidential administration, whose part is to make sure that presidential guidelines are accompanied by the appropriate components of the Russian condition.