Kane Churko

Kane Churko
Born (1986-01-20) January 20, 1986 (age 31)
Regina, Saskatchewan
OccupationCanadian record producer, sound engineer, songwriter and musician


Kane Gregory Churko (given birth to 20 January 1986 in Regina, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian record manufacturer, audio engineer, songwriter and musician most widely known for his use artists such as for example Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Contemporary Research, Five Finger Loss of life Punch, Gemini Symptoms, In This Second, and Hellyeah.


Kane Churko (boy and protege of heavyweight rock and roll manufacturer Kevin Churko) offers written songs for a few of rock's biggest brands including Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Loss of life Punch, IN THIS PARTICULAR Second, Jake E. Lee's Crimson Dragon Cartel and even more Canadian delivered but NEVADA based and presently working out from the The Hideout Documenting Studio room in Henderson, Nevada, Kane continues to be actively employed in many jobs in documenting studios as well as the music business since he was 14.Kane was raised in a music family without formal training apart from the professional assistance of his dad and the encounters he offers gained dealing with a broad selection of people from an early on age group. A multi-instrumentalist, programmer and Pro Equipment user he in addition has worked with manufacturers Mutt Lange and Eric Valentine aswell as an eclectic selection of well-known artists such as for example Bob Dylan, Shania Twain, Maroon 5, Smash Mouth area, Hinder as well as the Corrs.The very first time he co-wrote a rock song to get a release it had been featured on Ozzy Osbourne's 10th studio album "Scream" which debuted at #4 for the Billboard album charts - selling over 375k albums. The next rock and roll cut he co-wrote was with Five Finger Loss of life Punch because of their third gold record "American Capitalist" which peaked at #2 for the Billboard Hard Rock and roll album graphs. Despite getting their first cooperation "Keep in mind Everything" continued to market over 325k singles peaking around the Billboard's Mainstream Rock and roll Songs radio graphs at #2. The 3rd time he published a rock track was with WITH THIS Instant for "Bloodstream" - a breakout monitor for the music group which includes become Hundred years Media's top selling solitary pressing over 275k singles of "Bloodstream" and peaking at #9 around the Active Rock and roll radio chart.

Awards and achievements

Kane was acknowledged by the sector in 2013 when he became the youngest person to gain the Juno Prize (Canada's version from the Grammys) for "Engineer of the entire year" for his focus on ON THIS Moment's "Bloodstream"/Five Finger Loss of life Punch's "DECREASING" narrowly conquering Bob Rock who all held the record for 31 years before him. He distributed the award (and a second manufacturer nomination) along with his dad, who also established an archive that calendar year for earning the engineer award one of the most amount of times along with his 4th earn. In 2015, Kane attained his initial #1Active Rock melody as co-writer, manufacturer, engineer and mixing machine of "Encounter Everything And Rise" by Papa Roach. He in addition has been the frontman/songwriter for Juno nominated pop/funk music group Modern Research since 2007 also launching a diverse selection of single material because the early 2000s as Mr.Kane. He's co-written/co-produced two breakout monitors for 9 calendar year previous rapper MattyB with both YouTube movies garnering over 5 million sights each. His sonic make of commercial pop has highlighted on officially commissioned remixes offering 5FDP, ON THIS Minute, Rob Zombie and Technology9.


Skillet - Unleashed (August 2016) Co-Wrote "Out Of Hell" And "Undefeated" Gemini Symptoms - Memento Mori (August 2016) Created, Engineered & Mixed Record And Co-Wrote "Eternity" AND CHOOSE Monitor. 9Electric - The Broken Types (July 2016) Co-Produced, Mixed, Extra Anatomist, Mastered - Co-Wrote "Dangerous Angel" Disturbed - Immortalized (Aug 2015) Anatomist, Pro Equipment Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Got Your Six (Sept 2015) Anatomist, Pro Equipment Papa Roach - F.E.A.R. (Jan 2015) Manufacturer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Mixing machine & Masterer On 7 Music "Encounter Everything And Rise", "Like Me Right up until It Hurts", "Falling Aside", *"DO NOT HAVE TO STATE Goodbye", "Devil", "Warriors", "EXPECT The Hopeless". Co-Engineer, Extra Programming On ALL OF THOSE OTHER Album. WITHIN THIS Moment - Dark Widow (Nov 2014) Co-Wrote "Bloody Creature Poster Woman" &"Bone fragments", Additional Executive Artwork Of Dying - RISE Ep (Apr 2015) Produced, Mixed & Manufactured The Music "Everything" One Okay Rock and roll - Tba (2016) Produced, Cowrote, Mixed, Manufactured Two Tunes. Bleeker - Ep (Apr 2016) Mixed "Highway", History Vocals, Additional Encoding & Percussion Get away The Destiny - Hate Me (Oct 2015) Co-Wrote "Breaking Me Down" Falling BACKWARDS - Tba (2016 Tba) Co-Wrote One Monitor Flyleaf - BETWEEN YOUR Celebrities (Sept 2014) Mixed & Mastered "Arranged Me BURNING (Radio Blend)" & Thread (Radio Blend) New Years Day time - Malevolence (2015) Co-Wrote "Suffer" Normally - Peace NO MATTER WHAT (Sept 2014) Co-Wrote Two Songs "Arriving For The Throne" &"The Additional Side Of THE REALITY" Grimsley Rose - Truth To Power Ep (Aug 2014) Mastered 3Align - Elevate (July 2014) Mixed & Mastered, Vocal Creation, Co-Wrote "In The Beyond", "Experience Like" &"TINY BIT Better" Hellyeah - Bloodstream For Bloodstream (June 2014) Additional Executive, Pro Equipment Chiodos - Devil (Apr 2014) Co-Wrote "Under Your Halo" Gus G. - I Am The Open fire (March 2014) Co-Wrote "GOOD WAY Down Featuring Alexia Roriguez From Eye Set To Destroy" WITHIN THIS Moment - Bloodstream Live IN THE Orpheum Dvd and blu-ray (Feb 2014) Co-Wrote "Bloodstream" &"Beast Within", Associate Mixing, Pro equipment Jake E Lee’S Crimson Dragon Cartel - Crimson Dragon Cartel (Jan 2014) Co-Wrote "Big Mouth area (Featuring Maria Brink)", "Feeder (Featuring Robin Zander)", "Deceived", "Slave" &"Battle Machine" [Debuted In #69 *On Billboard Recording Graphs. Feeder YouTube Video Offers 100K Views BY 03/14] Five Finger Loss of life Punch - THE INCORRECT Part Of Heaven AS WELL AS THE Righteous Part Of Hell Vol 2 (Nov 2013) Co-Wrote "EACH DAY In My Existence", Additional Executive, Pro Equipment, Remixer, Mixed & Mastered Live Dvd and blu-ray Audio On Reward Disc. Gemini Symptoms - Lux (Sept 2013) Extra Engineering, Pro Equipment Eyes Arranged To Destroy - Masks (Sept 2013) Co-Wrote "Haze" &"Infected" [Peaked At #36 On Dynamic Rock and roll Radio, YouTube Video Offers 400K Views BY 03/14] Five Finger Loss of life Punch - THE INCORRECT Aspect Of Heaven AS WELL AS THE Righteous Aspect Of Hell Vol 1 (July 2013) Co-Wrote "M.We.N.E [End This Method]", Additional Anatomist, Pro Equipment Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Purgatory [Stories IN THE Pit] (July 2013) Mixed & Mastered Whole Live Record, Co-Wrote "Keep in mind Everything" Butcher Infants - Goliath (July 2013) Co-Wrote Two Unreleased Songs Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Merchant (Apr 2013) Mix Associate, Assistant Mastering Large Honey - Crushing Symphony (Might 2014) Mixed & Mastered Whole Album, Vocal Creation On Select Songs. Produced & Manufactured The Music "Soul Offering". Speaking The Ruler’S - Tba (2014 Tba) Co-Wrote Two Songs "Choke" &"Worthless" Jason Hook - American Justice (2015 Tba) Mixing, Additional Creation, Learning Billy J White colored - Damn Fool MOVE TO MAKE (2014 Tba) Combined & Perfected All 7 Tunes Chris Buck Band - Tba (2014 Tba) Combined & Mastered "Caribbean Desire" &"Ain’T Zero Trouble" WITHIN THIS Moment - Bloodstream (Aug 2012) Co-Wrote 4 Tunes (Bloodstream, You’Re Gonna Listen, Beast Within&Comanche), Engineer, Development & Additional Creation, Assistant *Learning, Additional Acoustic guitar On "Whore", Remixed "Adrenalize (Mr. Kane Remix)" Kobra AS WELL AS THE Lotus - Kobra AS WELL AS THE Lotus (Aug 2012) Co-Wrote "Forever One", Co-Producer On 4 Monitors, Additional Anatomist, Pro tools, Helper Mastering Conflict APPEALING - Conflict APPEALING Ep (2012) Co-Wrote & Co-Produced "No Discomfort No Pleasure", Pro equipment, Development Arising Tide - Arising Tide Ep (2012) Blended "Guns ON THIS City", "Fireplace", "Move Along". Mastered Whole Ep. The Dirty Hooks - Electric powered Grit (2012) Mixed & Mastered Five Finger Loss of life Punch - American Capitalist [Deluxe Model] (2011) Co-Wrote "Keep in mind Everything", 2Nd Engineer, Remixed Under And Over It, The Satisfaction, 100 METHODS TO Hate & Keep in mind Everything Modern Research - THE WAY THE Globe Ends Ep (2011) Manufacturer, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Emerson Drive - Allow Your Appreciate Speak Additional Anatomist, Pro equipment Hinder - The All American Problem (2010) Additional Executive, Pro equipment Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (2010) Cowrote "Crucify", Extra Engineering, Pro equipment In This Second - A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010) Associate Engineer, Pro equipment Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Battle Is The Response (2010) Associate Engineer, Pro equipment Modern Technology - Modern Technology (2009) Producer, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Scott Leigh - Scott Leigh (2009) Co-Writer, Co-Producer Drive A - LACK OF Desire (2009) Pro equipment Simon Collins - Ucatastrophe (2008) Pro equipment In This Second - The Fantasy (2008) Pro equipment Ozzy Osbourne - Dark Rainfall (2008) Pro equipment, CLASSICAL GUITAR On "Place Your Globe On Me" Patricia Conroy - SPEAKING WITH Myself (2007) Pro equipment Mr. Kane - Mr. Kane (2007) Maker, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Bob Dylan - CONTEMPORARY TIMES (2006) Additional Executive On ‘Thunder WITHIN THE Hill’ Jparis - Contact It WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE (2005) Pro equipment Lorenzo - Like Form Bruise (2005) Pro equipment Cardinal Characteristic - YOU KNOW (2004)

Mix assistant

SHANIA TWAIN - CLOSE UP & PERSONAL Dvd movie (2004) ProTools Anatomist JENNA DREY - JENNARATION EXACTLY LIKE THAT (2004) ProTools, Extra coding on Motorocycle THE CORRS - BORROWED HEAVEN (2004) Extra ProTools Editing THE F-UPS - THE F-UPS (2004) ProTools THE VINES - AOL Periods LIVE (2004) ProTools MELISSA AUF DER MAUR - AUF DER MAUR (2004) ProTools BRAD JOHNER - Free of charge (2003) Mix Helper & ProTools on Totally free, Different, The Farmer's Back

Single songs

Matty B - ARRIVE The Monitor (Feb 2015) Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Mixing machine, Masterer Rob & Pure Pleasure - Catches YOUR DECISION (2014 Tba) Co-Writer, Make, Engineer, Mixing machine, Masterer Two Glimmer County - Entire Lotta Like (Aug 2014) Mixed & Mastered "Entire Lotta Appreciate" Cory Marquardt - Smartphone (Sept 2014) Blended & Mastered "Smartphone" Brad Saunders - Hey Nation Girl & Right here BESIDE ME (2014) Mixed & Mastered "Hey Nation Gal" &"Right here BESIDE ME" Shannon Ramirez - Sugardrop Blended & Mastered "Sugardrop" Rev Theory - Crimson Light Queen (Feb 2014) Blended Song "Crimson Light Queen" Wintergarden - Breathe (Featuring Clint Lowery) (December 2013) Blended, Mastered Lorenzo - Not really Ready To State I’M Sorry Yet (2012) Combined, Masterer WITHIN THIS Moment - Bloodstream (2012) Co-Writer #1 iTunes Metallic Graphs, #5 iTunes Rock and roll Charts, #9 Energetic Rock Radio Graphs And Still Increasing Video Offers Over 8 Mil *Views! TOP SELLING Single In Hundred years Media'S History. More than 275K Singles Sold. Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Keep in mind Everything (2011/2012) Co-Writer [Peaked At #2 On Energetic Rock Radio], Recording Distributed Over 500K Copies. More than 325K Singles Sold. Matty B - Become THERE (2012) Co-Writer, Co-Producer [Over 6 Mil Sights On YouTube] Matty B - That’S JUST HOW (2012) Co-Writer, Co-Producer [Over 6 Mil Sights On YouTube + #9 Billboard Sociable 50] Sherry St.Germain - Gonna Getchya (2012) Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Mixer, Get better at, Label [Featured In Degrassi] Heavy Honey - Soul Offering (2012) Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Get better at Nikka Bling & Contemporary Technology - Hippie & A Thug (2010) Maker, Cowriter, Engineer, Mixing machine, Label Meaghan Martin - Hate You (2010) Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Label Contemporary Technology Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien - STILL DO IT Now (2010) Maker, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Contemporary Research - Someday (2010) Manufacturer, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Contemporary Science - Tremble Your Money Machine (2010) Producer, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Contemporary Research - Funky Xmas (2009) Manufacturer, Article writer, Engineer, Performer, Label Nikka Bling - TRUST ME I UNDERSTAND (2009) Manufacturer, Engineer, Mixing machine Juliet Simms - State [Unreleased Demonstration] (2006) Co-Writer, Manufacturer Maroon 5 - Until You’Re Over Me (Unreleased Eric Valentine Produced B-Side) (2006) Helper Engineer, Pro equipment Smash Mouth area - IMPROVING From The Kitty In The Head wear Ost (2004) Helper Engineer, Pro tools


In This Second - Sick Like Me (Mr. Kane & Nikka Bling Remix) (2015) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Home Of The Increasing Sunlight (Mr.Kane & Nikka Bling Remix) (Tba 2014) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Burn off Mf (Mr.Kane & Nikka Bling Remix) (Tba 2014) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - You (Mr.Kane & Nikka Bling Remix) (Tba 2014) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Mama Stated Knock You Out (Mr.Kane & Nikka Bling Remix) (Tba 2014) Noah Metallic - Poolhall (Mr. Kane Remix) (2013) For Ruler And Nation - PROOF Your Like (Mr. Kane Remix) (2013 Unreleased) WITHIN THIS Second - Adrenalize (Mr. Kane Remix) (2013) Mattyb - That’S JUST HOW (Dubstep Remix) (2012) [Over 600K Sights On YouTube] Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Keep in mind Everything (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix) (2011) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - The Satisfaction (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix) (2011) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - 100 METHODS TO Hate (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix) (2011) Five Finger Loss of life Punch - Under And Over It (Mr.Kane & The Wolfe Remix) (2011) Noah Metallic - Glory, Oh So Lovely&Retro Woman (Modern Technology Remix) (2010) Snoop Dogg Feat. Child Cudi - That Tree (Contemporary Technology Remix) (2010) Weezer - Like Is The Response (Modern Technology Remix) (2010)