Kamal Mehdi Abdullayev

Abdullayev, Kamal Mehdi
Born (1950-01-01) 1 January 1950 (age 67)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Alma materBaki Slavyan Universiteti


Kamal Mehdi Abdullayev (given birth to 1950 in Baku; Pseudonym: Kamal Abdulla) can be an Azerbaijan philologist, the Rector of Baku Slavic College or university.

He was created in Baku in 1950 towards the category of intellectuals. His dad was a instructor, the mom was a health care provider. In 1968–1973, he researched books and linguistics in the faculty of Philology at Baku Condition College or university,and in 1977 attained a Ph.D. in the Section of Turkic dialects from the Institute of Linguistics at Academy of Sciences from the USSR in Moscow. using a thesis “Syntactical Parallelism” (based on the vocabulary of “Kitabi Dede-Gorgud” epos). From 1977 to 1984 he worked well at the Division of Comparative Study of Turkic dialects from the Institute of Linguistics at Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, keeping successively the positions of Junior researcher, Older researcher, and Mind from the Division.In 1984, he upheld his Doctoral thesis “Theoretical Problems of Syntax in the Azerbaijani Vocabulary”. From 1984 to 1987 he worked in the division of General and Azerbaijani Linguistics in the Institute of Foreign Dialects what is right now the Azerbaijan University or college of Dialects, rising towards the teacher and head from the division. During 1988–1990, he was the vice-chairman from the Azerbaijan Tradition Account. In 1990 he was elected mind of the division of General and Russian Linguistics in the Institute of Russian Vocabulary and Books (now called Baku Slavic University or college); from 1993 to 2000 he was mind of the division General and Azerbaijan linguistics in the Institute of Foreign dialects. In 1994–1995, he was the teacher of Turkish vocabulary and Books” in Bursa. Turke at Uludag University or college, IN-MAY 2000 he was appointed the Rector from the Institute from the Russian vocabulary and Literature called after M.F.Akhundov. In June 2000, he was appointed the Rector from the newly structured Baku Slavic University or college.

Career and awards

He is the top of “The Problems of Translation” scientific – analysis lab at BSU; and the writer and executor from the group of “The Collection of Philologist – 100”; “Turkology” and “The Globe Prose”. He's the editor – in – key of “Vocabulary – Books” group of BSU Scientific functions, as well as the chairman from the Council for Defence of Scientific Functions. This Council contains in itself many specialities, such as for example Slavic languages, Globe Literature (Russian Books), Comparative – Historical and Comparative – typological Linguistics. He's the chairman of Azerbaijan Innovative Fund (previous Azerbaijan Culture Finance); the person in the managing personnel of Azerbaijan Writers Union, Theater figures Culture and Azerbaijan Press Council. He's the leader of Azerbaijan Badminton Federation. He's the writer of researches in neuro-scientific Ancient Epic Books of Turkic individuals. He provided lectures and particular courses focused on “General Linguistics”, “Text message Syntax”, also to the ethnic areas of “Kitabi – Dede Gorgud” epos at Colleges in lots of different countries, such as for example Russia, Poland, France, Germany, USA etc...His scientific and mass media content are regularly published both in Azerbaijan and abroad. He's the author of several books on Linguistics, such as for example, “On Syntax of Basic Word in the Azerbaijani Language” (Baku, Elm, 1983), and so many more ... please evaluate the set of books. In his books on Books research and literary criticism, such as for example, “Writer – Text message – Audience” (Baku, Yazichi, 1985) he writes about problematic areas of world literature and features the invisible areas of historic and contemporary literary procedures. He composed and released many books on Gorgud research, such as for example, “Magic formula Dede Gorgud” (1991).


Scanno Reward (2015)

List of works

On Syntax of Basic Phrase in the Azerbaijani Vocabulary (Baku, Elm, 1983) Theoretical Problems of Syntax in the Azerbaijani Vocabulary (Baku, Maarif, 1999) Substance Syntactical Wholes in the Azerbaijani Vocabulary The Russian Vocabulary in Azerbaijan The Trip into Linguistics or Linguistics for non – linguists Permit’s speak Azeri (in Paris, in 2008 and in Bucharest, this year 2010) Writer – Text message – Audience (Baku, Yazichi, 1985) What's Writing However (Baku – Yazichi, 1990) THE BEGINNING and the finish of just how (Baku, Azerbaijan Condition posting – home, 1993) 300 Azerbaijanis (Baku, Mutarjim, 2007) Key Dede Gorgud (1991) The Epic in the Mystique or Key Dede Gorgud – 2 (Baku – Technology – 1999) From Myth to Writing – Key Dede Gorgud O Manuscrito İnacabado. Braziliya. Luiz de Oliveiraş – João Pessoa: İdeia, 2009 Zagadkowy Rykopis Polşa, Adam Marszalek, 2009