Julia Chuzhoy


Julia Chuzhoy can be an Israeli mathematician and pc scientist in the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, known on her behalf study on approximation algorithms and graph theory. Chuzhoy earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels from your Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 1998, 2000, and 2004 respectively. Her dissertation, on approximation algorithms, was supervised by Seffi Naor. She’s been in the Toyota Technological Institute since 2007, and in addition holds a posture in the Pc Science Department from the University or college of Chicago. Chuzhoy won the very best paper award in the 2012 Symposium about Foundations of Pc Science on her behalf paper with Shi Li about approximating the issue of connecting many specific pairs of vertices inside a graph simply by edge-disjoint paths. She actually is also known on her behalf work displaying a polynomial connection between your size of the grid graph minimal of the graph and its own treewidth. This connection between both of these graph properties is certainly an essential component from the Robertson–Seymour theorem, is certainly closely linked to Halin’s grid theorem for infinite graphs, and underlies the idea of bidimensionality for graph approximation algorithms. She was an Invited Loudspeaker on the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians, in Seoul.

Selected publications

CL12. Chuzhoy, Julia; Li, Shi (2012), "A polylogarithimic approximation algorithm for edge-disjoint pathways with congestion 2", 2012 IEEE 53rd Annual Symposium on Foundations of Pc Technology—FOCS 2012, IEEE Pc Soc., Los Alamitos, CA, pp. 233–242, MR 3186610  . CC16. Chekuri, Chandra; Chuzhoy, Julia (2016), "Polynomial bounds for the grid-minor theorem", Journal from the ACM, 63 (5): A40:1–65, MR 3593966, arXiv:1305.6577 , doi:10.1145/2820609  . Initial versions of the work were offered in the 2014 and 2015 Symposia on Theory of Processing.