José Bengoa

Jose Bengoa
Born (1945-01-19)19 January 1945
Santiago, Chile
OccupationHistorian, anthropologist


José Bengoa Cabello (31 January 1936) is a Chilean historian and anthropologist. He’s known in Chile for his research of Mapuche background and society. Following the 1973 Chilean coup d’état, José Bengoa was dismissed from his just work at the College or university of Chile from the Pinochet program. He was the main advocate for the 1st Social Forum from the ACLU International Human being Rights Task Push, through the SubCommission’s fifty-fourth program in August 2002.


In 2013 he earned the Altazor Award to discover the best article with his function Mapuche. Procesos, política y culturas en un Chile del Bicentenario (Mapuches. Procedures, politics and civilizations in the Bicentenarian Chile).