Jonathan Anastas

Jonathan Anastas
Born Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres hardcore punk & heavy metal
Associated acts DYS, Slapshot
Notable instruments


Jonathan Anastas is a Los Angeles-based advertising & advertising professional, and a musician who co-founded several Boston hardcore punk rings.

Punk rock musician

From his teen years (saving for the very first time at age 15), Anastas was mixed up in American musical motion referred to as hardcore punk. He co-formed and performed bass in the seminal Boston hardcore rings DYS and Slapshot, composing and playing over the DYS information Brotherhood and DYS aswell as Slapshot's debut record Back again over the Map (all re-issued by Taang! Information in various forms). DYS, with Anastas, reformed for the very first time in over twenty years, headlining the "xxx All Age range xxx" Reunion celebration and movie capture before over 1,000 supporters on August 29, 2010.Anastas and his rings were an integral part of the right edge motion, made famous by Small Threat being a call for youngsters to live a clean and conscientious existence, rejecting drugs, alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking. DYS will also be known for his or her early part in the crossover motion where hardcore punk rings attempted a far more industrial hard rock audio and appeared toward recording offers inside the mainstream main label system, maybe inventing the ambiguous notion of a "hardcore power ballad" to spell it out a track on the second metal-influenced recording.Jonathan also wrote and holds posting rights towards the music "Slam" on Contemporary Method Record's THAT IS Boston, Not L.A. collection. He performed bass within the music. The monitor was subsequently utilized to rating MTV's Santa Claus, the person, the misconception, the slam dancer vacation promo, which went for over 15 years.Anastas' efforts to hardcore punk were documented in the books American Hardcore: A Tribal Background by Steven Blush, All Age groups, Reflections on Right Advantage by Beth Lahickey, and Radio Silence by Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo. Anastas can be presented in the film version of American Hardcore (film), released by Sony Images in 2006 and was interviewed for the Dvd movie retrospective Chip on My Make: THE ANNALS of Slapshot aimed by acclaimed music video movie director Ian McFarland. The Slapshot film premiered in Feb 2014 after an extended distribution hold off, and implemented its debut at this year's 2009 Boston Separate Film Celebration, where it had been the initial screening to market out. Additionally, Anastas shows up in Movie director Drew Rock and Executive Maker Duane Lucia's film xxx All Age groups xxx, a film that produced its debut on Apr 27, 2012, also in the Boston Individual Film Festival, as well as the 1st screening to market out (within 2 hours).


A left handed bass participant, Anastas continues to be using a mixture of classic and current creation Fender Jazz and Accuracy basses post-Reunion, but in addition has been seen using a Gibson T-bird. His amps are Classic SVT tubed amps, SVT VR re-issues, SVT 8X10 cabs and a Technology 21 SansAmp DI drivers. During the past due amount of the band's initial incarnation, Jonathan performed Marshall 4X15 cabs and a Marshall Superbass 100 mind, as inspired by Lemmy and a custom made Hamer Blitz.


1982 - Decadence, "Slam" in the THAT IS Boston, Not L.A. compilation LP (bass) 1983 - DYS, Brotherhood (bass, back-up vocals) 1985 - DYS, DYS (bass) 1986 - Slapshot, Back again in the Map (bass, back-up vocals) 1993 - DYS Fireplace and Glaciers - Compact disc reissue of prior two albums (bass, back-up vocals) 1993 - DYS, "Wolfpack" in the Faster and Louder, Quantity Two compilation 2002 - DYS "Wolfpack" (limited reissue on Reflex/Wolfpack Information) 2005 - DYS "Wolfpack" - "Brotherhood," re-released using the band's primary Wolfpack radio demonstration 2011 - DYS "A lot more than Style: LIVE in the Gallery East Reunion" - live monitors in the band's preliminary reunion show, offering music from both of their studio room albums, Bridge 9 Information 2011 - DYS "Crazy Credit card" - One on Bridge 9 Information 2011 - DYS "Audio of our City" - Solitary on Bridge 9 Information 2012 - DYS "Unloaded" - Solitary on Bridge 9 Information 2012 - DYS "(We are) THE STREET Team" (Motorhead Cover) - Solitary on Bridge 9 Information 2012 - DYS "Brotherhood 2012" - Solitary on Bridge 9 Information 2012 - DYS "Accurate Believers" - Solitary on Bridge 9 Records

Marketing & Advertising Executive

Following his job in music, Anastas moved into marketing and became a leader and innovator in neuro-scientific digital marketing, keeping executive positions at Mullen, Saatchi & Saatchi, Omnicom's Believe New Concepts and Tribal DDB keeping Crimson Urban, where he was chief executive. Additionally, Anastas went advertising at Atari, the well-known gaming publisher, was a older marketing professional at Activision and is currently Chief Marketing Official (CMO) in the Fanatic Network (10). Anastas's function in this field continues to be identified by the Silicon Alley Reporter, The Market Regular, Adweek and Advertisement Age, amongst others, and he offers spoken at several Digital. Mobile, Content material, Video gaming and CMO meetings, both home and worldwide. His 21st hundred years campaigns have already been granted multiple EFFIES, Cannes Lions and additional industry accolades.