John Christmas (banker)


John Xmas (given birth to 1969 in america) is a previous banker and article writer. He’s a graduate of Dartmouth University as well as the Johnson Graduate College of Administration at Cornell University or college.


John Xmas was a banker in america in the 1990s at Corus Standard bank of Chicago and M&T Standard bank of Buffalo. Then relocated to Latvia and worked well as Head from the International Human relationships Group at Parex Standard bank from 2002 to 2004. He reported particular information regarding Parex Bank towards the Latvian General Prosecutor in 2005.The Latvian government didn't take any action and Xmas went into exile. Parex Standard bank continued to increase until November 2008 when the Latvian authorities announced that the Latvian taxpayers would repay the Parex Standard bank liabilities.Through the 2008 Latvian financial meltdown, the Latvian government asked the EBRD, IMF, and EU for any bailout, to become repaid by Latvian taxpayers.The videos within the LatviavEBRD route on YouTube feature Xmas talking about Parex Standard bank. Also, several information services like the Lithuania Tribune,,, and have reported within the scams allegations. (notice 9 and fresh records) The EBRD offers refused to react to the allegations by January 2016.In November 2015, Xmas spoke about his whistleblowing experiences in the Offshore Alert conference, in London.By January 2016, Parex Standard bank successor Citadele Standard bank is still running a business providing offshore bank solutions for Russian and Ukrainian customers. Citadele continues to be funded from the EBRD. The Latvian Prosecutors Workplace isn't prosecuting anyone. Xmas remains surviving in exile, threatened with arrest. He spoke at a US SENATE briefing on June 4, 2014 about scams allegations against the Latvian authorities, European Standard bank for Reconstruction and Advancement, Parex Standard bank, and Citadele Standard bank.


John Christmas's initial novel, Democracy Culture, was released in 2011. Maybe it's categorized being a dystopian book or a politics thriller. The novel is defined primarily in america and Russia, nevertheless the motivation for the novel was the dysfunctional democratic federal government and oligarch overall economy of Latvia.


John Christmas is known as for his grandfather's 1st cousin John Xmas Moeller, who's regarded as by some to have already been the leader from the Danish Level of resistance during World Battle II.