John A. Church

John A. Church
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EducationUniversity of Queensland
Known forPhysics
Sea Level Rise


John A. Cathedral (blessed 1951) can be an professional on ocean level and its own adjustments. He was co-convening business lead writer (with Jonathan M. Gregory) for the section on Ocean Level in the IPCC Third Evaluation Survey. He was also a co-convening business lead writer for the IPCC Fifth Evaluation Report. He’s a member from the Joint Scientific Committee from the WCRP. He’s currently a task head at CSIRO.

Church graduated from your University or college of Queensland having a BSc in Physics in 1972. He acquired a health care provider of Beliefs in 1979.Church offers led several applications, including: CSIRO Department of Oceanography; System Leader from the Oceanography System from the Australian Country wide Antarctic Study Expeditions; Project Innovator, Southern Ocean Procedures Project; CSIRO Department of Sea and atmospheric Study, Polar Waters System, Antarctic Weather and Ecosystems Cooperative Study Centre. On a global level, Church continues to be the main Investigator for the NASA/CNES TOPEX/Poseidon Prolonged Satellite Mission.Currently, Chapel is chair from the scientific committee from the World Climate Research Programme studying sea-level rise, and it is leader of the ocean level Rise Project in the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre. (2007)


2006 Roger Revelle Medal with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Fee 2006 CSIRO Medal for Analysis Accomplishment 2007 Eureka Award for Scientific Analysis 2008 Presented the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Culture R.H. Clarke Lecture.Cathedral is a Fellow from the Australian Academy of Research, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Anatomist as well as the American Meteorological Culture, and is an associate from the Australian Institute of Physics.


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