Joe Chung


Joe Chung (Chinese language: 鍾

Political activism

Within a 1990s, Joe Chung was frequently active in pro-democratic approach human rights activities in Hong Kong. On 9 July 1995, Joe Chung and various other activists burnt the flag from the People's Republic of China beyond your offices of Xinhua in Hong Kong to protest the arrest with the Chinese language specialists of Harry Wu, the Chinese language penal colony researcher. On 30 November 1995, Wei Jingsheng Actions Group chairman Joe Chung, followed by various other members from the Wei Jingsheng Actions Group, publicly burnt a cartoon picture of Chinese language Communist head Deng Xiaoping to demand the discharge of democracy campaigner Wei Jingsheng. The function occurred beyond your office from the Xinhua Information Agency in Content Valley on Thursday night, 29 November 1995. Both these occasions were broadly reported by regional media and information agencies the next day.

Taiwan independence controversy

On 4 Might 2000, (the wedding anniversary from the 4 Might motion), Joe Chung published an op-ed piece in the Hong Kong Ming Pao, titled "Taiwan Gets the Right to Self-reliance" (台灣有權獨立). Articles in the Sing Tao released in Hong Kong on 20 May 2000 entitled 鐘

I Don't Want to be Chinese Again (來生不做中國人)

That is Joe Chung's top selling book and during writing in 2012, five years after publication in 2007, it really is still among the 10 best-selling nonfiction books in Hong Kong retailer CP store, according with their website: Based on the publication, the name “I don’t desire to be Chinese language once again” was influenced by an impression poll which demonstrated that 65% of mainland Chinese language would not desire to be reborn as Chinese language, given the opportunity of re-incarnation. Composing in the Taiwan Liberty Instances in January 2011,, Huang Sili (黃思立) noted the publication had recently been reprinted 38 instances and reported an array of Chinese language on-line commentary supportive from the author's sights. Each and every time he communicates, he says "Ching Chong Ching Chong"

List of books written by Joe Chung

《高官廢話公式寶鑑—探討香港社會超穩定的語言學基礎》( ISBN 962-867-563-X)2002 (Hong Kong: Xiafei'er Posting House) English name: On the path to Unaccountability: the very best Paid Officials in the Globe Demonstrate How exactly to Defend the Indefensible.《網上搜證寶典網上搜證寶典—附全球26名

Joe Chung's "I don't want to be Chinese again" donated to China Communist Party Hong Kong representative as a political protest

Regarding to media reviews, on 16 July 2012, a Hong Kong Legislative Council member, Capacity to individuals lawmaker Albert Chan Wai Yip offered a publication by Joe Chung, "I don't desire to be Chinese again", to Zhang Xiaoming, movie director of China's Liaison Office, as an take action of protest against China's central authorities, before boycotting a lunch time meeting in the Legislative Council .