Jeff Christie


Jeff Christie (given birth to Feb 2, 1983 in Vancouver) is a Canadian luger that has slid since 1995 and competed internationally since 2000. Contending in two Wintertime Olympics, he gained his best finish off at 14th put in place the men’s singles event double on the 2006 Wintertime Olympics as well as the 2010 Wintertime Olympics. Christie’s best surface finish on the FIL Globe Luge Championships was 12th in the men’s singles event in Park Town, Utah in 2005. His responses garnered attention about the loss of life of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili when he criticized the transformation in begin heights enacted, stating: “The adjustments certainly haven’t helped us. I’ve acquired 200-plus works from the very best. We put lots of time, effort and money into coming right here to glide off the very best and they made a decision to move it down… yes, it’s certainly a disadvantage. I’ve had those works from the very best and I’ve the tempo down. It’s psychologically tough to have the ability to change that tempo and drop from your ladies’ start. It will likely be a grind for another two races.” Jeff Christie also came out on the truth display MTV Cribs.