Jeff Arwadi

Jefray Arwadi
Jeff - Live in Holland 2004.jpg
Jeff - live in the Netherlands, 2004
Background information
Birth nameJefray Kurnia Arwadi
Also known asMeister J
Born1974 (age 42-43)
Jakarta, Indonesia
GenresAmbient, avant-garde metal, electronic, extreme metal, progressive metal, progressive rock
Occupation(s)Musician, graphic designer, music producer, audio/mixing engineer
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals, bass, drum machine, laptop computer
Years active1992 - present
Associated actsKekal, Armageddon Holocaust, Altera Enigma, Excision, Inner Warfare, Doctor D, Obliteration


Jefray Kurnia “Jeff” Arwadi (given birth to 1974) is a musician, music manufacturer, and graphic developer, a local of Jakarta, Indonesia who now resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He’s mostly referred to as a previous guitarist, vocalist, and record manufacturer for the avant-garde/intensifying metal music group Kekal. Skillfully, he has produced a career being a visual designer and spent some time working at various businesses for greater than a 10 years. Before, he was also known in the music picture for his functions as a freelance visual developer under Soundmind Images, and until his 2006 proceed to Canada, Jeff possessed and went his very own home-based recording studio room, Vision Studio room, in Jakarta. He also was an employee person in the record label THT Productions. Furthermore to his tasks in Kekal, he was also the co-founder of intensifying metal task Altera Enigma and was associated with bands such as for example Armageddon Holocaust and Internal Warfare.


Jeff was created in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital town and largest municipality. Since his early child years, he shows interests in artwork and music generally. Spending the majority of his upbringing in a worldwide city, Jeff experienced an early publicity in the variety of culture, religious beliefs and ethnicity, which helped to create his sights of viewing the music and artwork inside a liberal method. He once attempted to become painter but later on discovered that music fits him better, as he described around the 2007 interview with Best Metallic webzine: "I cannot communicate with other press such as for example painting or poetry. My dad is usually a painter and he expresses himself through this. I once attempted it, nonetheless it didn’t function for me personally – I could make theoretically proficient sketches and illustrations, but experienced distant from their website. It’s just like a chilly relationship. Therefore when I came across music and began to create songs, it simply came up if you ask me and I thought to myself 'that's it, this is actually the most suitable moderate for me'. But also for at this time, I don't depend on music as my profession, I function another work to settle the bills." In 2000, Jeff graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University or college of Indonesia having a Bachelor's level in Mindset, and according to some other interview with Best Metal, he trained himself graphical design through books and internet.In 2006 Jeff moved to Canada and finally became a long term resident. He was surviving in Toronto while going for a research in audio executive, and down the road relocated to Calgary and resolved there.


Jeff started using guitar back 1989 when he was 15 years of age. In 1990, along with his high-school close friends, he produced his own music group, Obliteration, where he initially played bass but turned to drums. The task was precursor towards the afterwards music group Kekal, and performed a primitive design of punk and thrash steel. Jeff made a decision to quit this music group in 1991 to invest additional time learning your guitar. In 1992 he bought his first guitar and became a member of a music group known as Sonic Warfare (which afterwards transformed its name to Internal Warfare) being a guitarist and vocalist. Regarding to Jeff, this is his first critical music group, and Internal Warfare wrote its music, played displays, and documented some demos before disbanding in 1997.


Jeff continues to be involved with Kekal being a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and record manufacturer because the band's inception in 1995, and he was listed seeing that an official person in the music group from 1996 until 2009. Kekal began as an severe metal music group, and gradually advanced into even more electronic-influenced experimental and avant-garde steel. The band provides met with important acclaim, and provides released eight full-length albums up to now. Kekal is recognized as the initial metal music group from Indonesia to create worldwide inroads by launching albums through record brands in European countries and THE UNITED STATES, and getting the initial music group from Indonesia to tour European countries in 2004.In 2006, Jeff Arwadi moved to Canada as the remaining users remained in Indonesia, which remaining the band struggling to play displays and do touring. At exactly the same time the music group remaining their longtime record label Dread Dark and position of the music group was involved. After couple of months of doubt and gossips of break-up proceeded to go around among followers, Kekal made a decision to stay together also to keep the music group only like a studio room project. They authorized licensing offers to two fresh record brands in European countries and THE UNITED STATES and released The Habit of Open fire a 12 months after, which fulfilled with international achievement and crucial acclaim.On August 2009, Jeff announced that he and all the users of Kekal had remaining the band, nonetheless it was decided that this name would continue without dynamic band users. Jeff mentioned that, furthermore to unspecified personal factors, he made a decision to keep the music group because, after becoming closer to character and in a much less densely populated town in Canada, he was struggling to continue steadily to make dark and upset metallic music which he do before with Kekal. A lot of their followers recognized that Kekal experienced technically split-up/disbanded at this time band innovator Jeff announced his departure from your band, even though Kekal as an organization still existed as well as the organization itself had not been suffering from any founding member departing. To get rid of the confusions amongst their followers, the band released a statement published on their recognized Facebook web page that clarified the position of the music group.Despite him departing Kekal, Jeff even now plays a part in the band like a songwriter, performer and recording producer, which released its eight studio album 8 in Dec 2010, and ninth studio album Autonomy in Dec 2012.

Altera Enigma

Altera Enigma was formed in 2004 when Jeff Arwadi teamed up with Australian guitarist Jason DeRon, formerly of Paramaecium. The music group was made as an shop for both musicians to interact on music that could push their limitations, problem them musically and invite these to broaden their horizons and explore intensifying music in every its forms. Altera Enigma released its debut recording, Alteration, in 2006.By March 2010, Jeff decided that he had a need to step from Altera Enigma, and his contribution towards the project is currently minimal, although according to Jason DeRon the music group will continue steadily to benefit from his creativeness and inventiveness.

Armageddon Holocaust

Jeff was also associated with Armageddon Holocaust seeing that Meister J. Armageddon Holocaust originally shaped being a one-time task by two founders under pseudonyms Doctor Dark and Dark Thriller. Jeff supplied drum programming for the project's debut record Into Total Devastation aswell as his sound engineering and creation talents being a manufacturer and blending engineer for many three Armageddon Holocaust albums. When the task was restarted in 2002, Jeff got the area of previous member Dark Thriller and he utilized Meister J being a stage name. He continued to be for another two albums, Radioactive Area 245 and Nekrofonik, and the task disbanded once again in 2004.

Other projects

Furthermore to Kekal, Altera Engima, and Armageddon Holocaust, Jeff continues to be involved in additional bands and tasks including Doctor D and Excision.

Graphic Design and Audio Production

Despite Jeff's formal educational background in Mindset, he currently functions professionally like a image designer focusing on printing, web and multimedia creation. On his LinkedIn profile he identifies his diverse abilities and encounter in the innovative fields such as sound engineering, music creation and video post-production. Aside from the rings and studio tasks he has involved with, he also helped additional independent rings to create their albums and demos. At onetime, Jeff worked well for an unbiased record label THT Productions, and was responsible for all recording creation and graphical design. In 2006 he enrolled himself within an sound engineering university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he fulfilled his instructor/coach Darryl Neudorf; previous person in the music group 54-40 and record maker of high-profile Canadian performers such as for example Sarah McLachlan, THE BRAND NEW Pornographers and Blue Rodeo. Under creation inputs from Darryl, Jeff created and recorded lots of the tracks released as Kekal's recording Audible Minority in the college's studio room services while he discovered industry regular DAW programs such as for example ProTools and Reasoning Pro.

Soundmind Graphics

Jeff founded Soundmind Images in the entire year 2000. It had been a freelance graphical design assistance that offered computer-based images for internet sites, media, and print press for music related sectors. In 2011, on Kekal Facebook web page he mentioned that he no more offers solutions as Soundmind Images.

Vision Studio

In 2001 Jeff constructed his own house studio room which he named it Eyesight Studio room. It occupied among the areas in his home in Jakarta, and was essentially a straightforward computer-based DAW set up that Jeff pointed out its primary purpose as "plenty of for documenting music without troubling the neighbours, therefore i could spend the night time documenting music". At Eyesight Studio, Jeff created, engineered and combined many recording and demo tasks from various rings, including three Kekal albums and everything Armageddon Holocaust albums. In 2006, upon shifting to Canada, Jeff offered his house like the studio facility.

Personal life

Jeff has stated in a number of interviews that he's a Christian, but he will not consider himself spiritual and will not consider his perception in Christianity to be always a religious beliefs, since it is even more about beliefs. In another interview, Jeff mentioned: "For me, faith is a thing that drives you to live the life span as a individual... I eventually have confidence in something great, that is why I am generally searching for better lifestyle and make an effort to improve wellness, for example. However it doesn't have to be connected with religious beliefs whatsoever. You don't need to be spiritual to ever think that there is certainly light shining at the end from the tunnel, and you don't need to be spiritual to truly have a healthy diet and workout some workout."Jeff is married and he stocks along with his wife the interests of watching films, walking and outdoor picture taking. Jeff can be known as a huge enthusiast of Honda and frequently cites Soichiro Honda as an motivation. Although during the interview, he didn't consider himself as a car enthusiast, he demonstrated his interest in automotive style and it is a proponent of hydrogen gasoline cell automobile as the perfect solution for potential mobility to displace world's dependency on fossil gasoline.


With Kekal

Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams – 1998 Embrace the Deceased – 1999 The Painful Encounter – 2001 1000 Thoughts of Assault – 2003 Acidity – 2005 The Habit of Fireplace – 2007 Audible Minority – 2008 8 – 2010 Autonomy – 2012

With Altera Enigma

Alteration – 2006

With Armageddon Holocaust

Into Total Devastation – 2000 Radioactive Area 245 – 2003 Nekrofonik – 2004 Dies Irae – 2004

With Excision

Manipulation of Response – 1997 "Purpose" from your compilation recording Last Moments of Hurting – 1997 The grade of Mankind – 1998 Visi – 2000 Excision / Worldhate (break up launch) – 2000 Personal Krusher Compilation – 5th Wedding anniversary THT Productions (compilation recording) – 2000 Brutal Times – 2002 Default – 2003 Last Moments of Security Vol. 3 (compilation recording) – Unknown