Jean-Jacques Bouya


Jean-Jacques Bouya (given birth to 24 Might 1962) is a Congolese politician that has served in the federal government of Congo-Brazzaville while Minister of Spatial Arranging and Main Tasks since 2012. A pilot by occupation, he offered as Transportation Adviser to Chief executive Denis Sassou Nguesso from 1997 so that as Delegate-General for Main Projects from 2003.


Born in Mouembé in Cuvette Area, Bouya can be an cultural Mbochi linked to Denis Sassou Nguesso, who also became Chief executive of Congo-Brazzaville in 1979; he's the son of the cousin of Sassou Nguesso. He worked well as a specialist pilot, soaring a presidential Boeing 727 from 1989 to 1992. After Sassou Nguesso was been successful by Pascal Lissouba in 1992, Bouya rather flew a Fokker 28 for Lina Congo, the nationwide air travel, until 1997.Sassou Nguesso returned to power in Oct 1997 towards the end of the civil battle, and he appointed Bouya as Transportation Adviser towards the Leader in November 1997; Bouya was after that regarded element of Sassou Nguesso's "internal group". He was additionally appointed as Delegate-General for Main Projects, while staying Transportation Adviser, in 2003; in his post as Delegate-General, he proved helpful directly beneath the Presidency. Bouya was regarded a powerful amount in the routine.In June 2009, Bouya was included on Sassou Nguesso's campaign team for the July 2009 presidential election; he was put into charge of logistics for the advertising campaign.On the Sixth Extraordinary Congress from the Congolese Labour Party (PCT), held in July 2011, Bouya was elected towards the PCT's 51-member Political Bureau, increasing his political influence. On 7 Oct 2011, Sassou Nguesso designated Bouya responsibility for the coordination from the government's function, a move that was seen as effectively producing Bouya a de facto best minister. Bouya also maintained his existing post as Delegate-General for Main Projects.In the July 2012 parliamentary election, Bouya was elected towards the Country wide Assembly as the PCT candidate in Tchikapika constituency, situated in Cuvette Region; he gained the chair in the first circular of voting, getting 100% from the vote. He was the just candidate; two unbiased candidates withdrew before the vote and only Bouya.Following 2012 election, Bouya was appointed to the federal government as Minister on the Presidency for Spatial Preparing and the overall Delegation for Key Tasks on 25 September 2012. Your choice to add Bouya in the federal government was related to a have to assuage the problems of foreign companions about having less parliamentary oversight for Bouya and his General Delegation for Main Projects; given the quantity of power wielded by Bouya, it appeared incongruous that he didn't hold a authorities ministry by which he could possibly be held responsible by Parliament.Although he no more served as Transport Adviser towards the President, in 2013 it had been reported that Bouya effectively controlled issues associated with transportation, marginalizing Minister of State for Transport Rodolphe Adada.Bouya was deputy country wide movie director of Sassou Nguesso's advertising campaign for the March 2016 presidential election, in charge of logistics and development. After Sassou Nguesso's re-election, he maintained Bouya in his post as Minister of Spatial Setting up and Major Tasks on 30 Apr 2016.In the July 2017 parliamentary election, Bouya stood unopposed as an applicant in Tchikapika, without other candidates position in the constituency.