Javed Ashraf Bajwa


Brigadier General Javed Ashraf Bajwa (Urdu: جاوید اشرف باجوہ‎) is a retired Pakistan Military engineer official. Brigadier Javed Ashraf Bajwa was Commander of Frontier Functions Company (FWO). Bajwa was granted with Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Civil) in 2007. Brigadier Javed Ashraf Bajwa was commander of Pakistan Technicians Battalion in East Timor in 2002. Like a civil engineer by occupation, Bajwa continues to be connected with Pakistan’s war-front and affected areas where he also led Pakistan Military Corps of Technicians to reconstruct and rehabilitate the towns and towns. Since his retirement, he continues to be from the reconstruction of Sukkur Barrage, where he has closely use Pakistan Army Corps of Technicians as well as the civil contractors.Presently he is employed in the construction of a fresh phase in Defense Housing Authority Islamabad.

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