Janet S. Butel


Janet S Butel may be the Chairman and Distinguished Services Teacher in the molecular virology and microbiology division at Baylor University of Medication. Her specialization is definitely on polyomavirus pathogenesis of attacks and disease. She’s a lot more than 120 magazines on pubmed. She also offers 6 magazines in Character, which is known as probably one of the most exclusive science journals. She actually is an associate of 9 different companies and offers 13 honors and honours.


Butel received her Bachelor of Technology level from Kansas Condition School in June 1963. She after that continued to obtain her Ph.D. in virology at Baylor University of Medication in June 1966. After she received her PhD she do a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in virology at Baylor University of Medicine.

Research contributions

Butel offers studied polyomavirus SV40 an infection in human beings and animals for some of her profession. She has released studies over the system of SV40 entrance into individual cells, the function of SV40 in cancers and SV40 genetics. Furthermore, Butel published articles in 2014 on the usage of microRNA and SV40 in fantastic hamsters. The fantastic hamster may be the pet model that SV40 continues to be examined in and provides provided proof its pathogenesis in tumor developing cancer. The pet model continues to be used to analyze the development of the virus in human beings, but cannot conclude any definitive pathogenesis of SV40 in human beings. Thus there is certainly controversy over the precise influence of SV40 on individual health. Butel's analysis signifies that SV40 may are likely involved in some individual cancers, such as for example human brain tumors and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.In the 1990s Dr. Butel uncovered the function of P53 in the pathogenesis of SV40 and oncogenesis. By finding the function of P53 in SV40 she could support the study being executed on P53 being a tumor-suppressor gene. This is perhaps the most significant study of her profession.Dr. Butel in addition has studied the part from the polio vaccine and in human being SV40 illness and integration of SV40 into our DNA. It had been discovered that some vaccines included bits of SV40 genes. It really is suspected that by incorporating SV40 in to the vaccine allowed it to enter our very own DNA. Butel offers published research on topics apart from SV40. She's researched the immunology of ladies entering spaceflight, particularly cytokines and antibodies. Butel also explored hepatitis B as well as the function it has in DNA fix. Dr. Butel in addition has contributed to raised education and it is a coauthor of the medical microbiology textbook that is employed for over 50 years and in medical schools all over the world. Dr. Butel provides over 120 magazines with over 10,000 citations,regarding to Google scholar.

Honors and awards

American Association for the Advancement of Research Fellow in 1988. Recognized Service Teacher at Baylor University of Medication In 1997 she is at the Tx A&M School Press being a Females Pioneer in Tx Medicine Receiver of the Distinguished Alumnus from the Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences Prize in 2002 Kansas Condition School Alumni Fellow Receiver of the American Association of Cancers Research-Women in Cancers Research-Charlotte Friend Memorial Lectureship Kyle and Josephine Morrow Seat in Molecular Virology and Microbiology at Baylor University of Medication BioHouston Ladies in Research Award Honoree on the Hearts of Silver: Honoring Ladies in Health insurance and Medical Research Gala The Joseph L. Melnick Teacher of Virology at Baylor University of Medicine