Jaka Bizilj


Jaka Bizilj (given birth to Dec 8, 1971 in Ljubljana), was raised in Slovenia, Libya, Tanzania, Malaysia and Germany. During his college and research in politics, books and film on the Johannes Gutenberg School in Mainz, he committed himself to journalism. Jaka Bizilj submitted articles and reviews for printing, radio and tv, for instance for ZDF, Bild and Der Spiegel. Since 1995 he continues to be functioning as promoter and manufacturer. Along with his Berlin-based creation company Superstar Entertainment Jaka Bizilj may be the creator and since 2002 the biggest financial sponsor from the global Movie theater for Peace effort, which includes been reaching vast amounts of people via mass media coverage and may collect a lot more than 10 million USD for charity, verified by exterior audit. Since its inception in 2008 Jaka Bizilj also volunteers as Chairman from the Plank of Directors from the Movie theater for Peace Base.

Promoter and Producer

Jaka Bizilj is really as article writer, promoter and manufacturer. He began arranging concerts in 1995 with performers such as for example Andrea Bocelli, Bryan Adams, Montserrat Caballe, Liza Minnelli and toured with performers such as for example José Carreras. Because the end from the 1990s, Jaka Bizilj continues to be working internationally being a manufacturer and was the biggest presenter of open-air opera in European countries for quite some time. Jaka Bizilj each year staged up to 700 concerts and live productions. Among his productions are "Magic from the Dance", Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Evita", Elton John’s musical Aida as well as the Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde. Furthermore he has released several celebrations. In 2002 he founded the Movie theater for Peace effort and in 2008 the Movie theater for Peace Base with the purpose of creating knowing of the public relevance of movies and the impact of movies over the conception and quality of global public, politics and humanitarian issues of our period. Jaka Bizilj can be mixed up in production of movies, like the Richard Curtis remake “Instantly Gina (de)” as well as the documentary “Notice to Anna” approximately Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. He was also mixed up in realization from the documentary "This Jail Where I Live" about the detained Myanmar comedian "Zarganar" as well as the latest film productions "Following the Silence" and "Melody of Brands" with Dustin Hoffman and Anthony Hopkins.

Goodwill efforts

Jaka Bizilj is an associate from the Clinton Global Effort and collaborates with and works with, amongst others, UNICEF, Unifem, Amnesty International, One particular, amfAR, Richard Gere's work for Tibet as well as the International Advertising campaign for Tibet, that was initiated through a gathering using the Dalai Lama in 2004. After going to Nelson Mandela in November 2006, he started dealing with the "Institutions for Africa"- plan, a joint effort of UNICEF as well as the Nelson Mandela Base. Since 2002, Jaka Bizilj provides elevated a notarized quantity greater than three million Euros for a number of charitable causes. He provides co-chaired several charitable occasions alongside Government Ministers, mind of expresses and legendary performers such as for example Elizabeth Taylor.Following tragedy of 9/11 Jaka Bizilj released the Cinema for Peace effort with an annual gala being a platform for interacting humanitarian, political and public concerns through the medium of film. The Movie theater for Tranquility Gala is continuing to grow to the interest of more than a billion mass media hits every year, possibly rendering it perhaps one of the most relevant film occasions in the globe. Bob Geldof defined the honours gala as "the Oscars with brains". George Clooney thought to possess found motivation for his Oscar-nominated film "Great Night and ALL THE BEST" in the Movie theater for Peace effort.Prior hosts, chairs and speakers on the Cinema for Peace galas include Leonardo DiCaprio, President Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Gere, Hype Aldrin, Sean Penn, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Antonio Banderas, Sharon Natural stone, Catherine Deneuve, Forest Whitaker, Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman. In 2007 Movie theater for Peace released as well as Amnesty International the “International Individual Rights Film Prize” and alongside the Prosecutor from the International Offender Courtroom in The Hague, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the “Movie theater for Peace Prize for Justice” in '09 2009. Leader Mikhail Gorbachev provided the initial “International Green Film Prize” in the occasion of Movie theater for Tranquility 2009 to Leonardo DiCaprio.Jaka Bizilj distributed the Bosnian Oscar-winning war-satire "Zero Man's Property" by Danis Tanovic. Prior to the G8 Summit in Germany he created at the effort of Bob Geldof and Richard Curtis a remake from the Golden Globe-winning film "THE LADY in the Café" with Iris Berben, Julia Jentsch, Jan Josef Liefers and Catherine Deneuve in 2007. He also initiated Bob Geldof to be the editor of Europe's biggest-selling paper BILD for the day to be able to publish a concern solely focused on Africa, with visitor efforts by personalities like the Pope, Costs Gates and Bono.Alongside the Trust Finance for Victims on the International Offender Courtroom he organized using the Movie theater for Tranquility Foundation - "The Particular Evening in Justice" in the eve the International Offender Court Review Meeting from the Rome Statute in Kampala, Uganda. The Movie theater for Peace Base presented at this juncture the initial "Justitia Prize" to honor the US and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for building and helping the International Offender Courtroom. The award was provided to Ban Ki-moon with the Council of European countries Goodwill Ambassador Bianca Jagger, founder and chairperson from the Bianca Jagger Individual Rights Base. Ban Ki-moon stated that it's an excellent honour to simply accept the initial "Justitia Prize" and he thanked the CFPF for spotting the UN's consistent efforts to determine justice in the globe.In the occasion from the 12 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin 2009 he launched as well as Gerhard Janetzky the initiative "Sports activities for Tranquility". This is preceded in 2008 with a unilateral charm in the International Herald Tribune in the occasion from the Olympic Video games, signed by a lot more than 100 globe champions, Olympic champions and globe record holders to be able to remind China to surpass the Olympic ideals and general human privileges. The initial “Sports activities for Serenity” Awards had been presented in the “Sports activities for Serenity” inauguration 2009 to IOC Vice Chief executive Sergey Bubka, Laureus ambassador Dr. Edwin Moses and the ones players from the Iranian nationwide football group, who used green wristbands throughout their match against South Korea, therefore expressing their solidarity using the independence and democracy motion in Iran. Each of them identified themselves using the “Sports activities for Serenity” objective: to produce consciousness for the peace-building ideals of sport and the necessity for the execution of a worldwide communications platform made to also support numerous sports oriented help projects.On June 8, 2010, Jaka Bizilj hosted the "Sports activities for Serenity" gala around the occasion from the FIFA World Glass in Southern Africa - the world's biggest solitary wearing event and 1st ever FIFA World Glass to occur in Africa - combining the Secretary-General from the US, Ban Ki-moon, Southern African Chief executive Jacob Zuma, Madama Graca Machel, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, 1Goal Ambassadors and several additional dignitaries from throughout the world to be able to address this serious issue - the next Millennium Advancement Goal (MDG): "achieve common main education by 2015".In 2011 he organized for the very first time a Movie theater for Peace Supper in Cannes and accompanied the visit from the 14th Dalai Lama to Wiesbaden having a film system and a charity supper to aid the culture of Tibet. Furthermore, he aided on 24 and 25 August in The Hague a symposium on the problem of child troops which was kept in the International Felony Courtroom in The Hague around the occasion from the shutting statements from the case against Thomas Lubanga by organizing for film screenings and a charity supper. Together with previous child troops, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie as well as the UN Unique Representative for Kids in Armed Discord, Radhika Coomaraswamy all celebrations involved authorized a petition urging all UN member says to condemn the usage of child troops, to fight the usage of intimate violence in battle also to make attempts to avoid that colleges and private hospitals become focuses on of armed episodes. On 23 Sept 2011 Jaka Bizilj created the presentation from the 1st universal human privileges logo around the occasion from the UN General Set up in NY.Bizilj also produced the LA premiere of Movie theater for Serenity in January 2012 by staging “Help Haiti House” benefiting Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Alleviation Organization.; Movie theater for Peace LA elevated 5 million USD for Haiti by using Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Expenses and Hillary Clinton and the like. The Movie theater for Peace-Gala in Berlin 2012 noticed Angelina Jolie getting the “Honorary Honor for Opposing Battle and Genocide” on her behalf directorial debut “In the Property of Bloodstream and Honey”. With this framework Bizilj arranged for any press workshop with Angelina Jolie and Luis Moreno-Ocampo, initiating a worldwide campaign against intimate violence in battle and post-conflict areas.http://newssun.suntimes.com/photos/galleries/?story=10619908 In June 2012 Jaka Bizilj welcomed 100 personalities from your world of arts, film and society around the occasion of Artwork Basel and “Artwork & Movie theater for Serenity” in honour of Chinese language designer Ai Weiwei. This event included the premiere from the documentary film “Ai Weiwei – By no means Sorry” by Alison Klayman. Two period Academy Award earning celebrity Susan Sarandon concluded the night having a video declaration expressing the world-wide support for Ai Weiwei. In the Movie theater for Serenity Gala for Mankind in LA, made by Jaka Bizilj in January 2013, Ben Affleck received the Movie theater for Peacefulness Humanitarian Award for his use the Eastern Congo Effort. At the Movie theater for Peacefulness Award Gala in Berlin in Feb 2013 Charlize Theron and her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Task was granted the Movie theater for Peacefulness Honorary Award for the exemplary commitment to avoid South African Youngsters from HIV and Helps. On 12 July 2013 celebrity Nicole Kidman and UN Ladies Action Mind Lakshmi Puri had been honored by Jaka Bizilj at a 'Movie theater for Peacefulness' Honorary Supper for his or her furthering of women's privileges. In 2014, Jaka Bizilj as the Creator of Movie theater for Peace asked Pussy Riot towards the Olympic Video games in Sochi and released these to Hollywood also to Washington to be able to promote global Human being privileges responsibility and advocate a worldwide Sanktion List for Human being rights offenders.


Entertainment / Displays since 1996 - The Dark Gospel Performers since 1997 - Nabucco, Aida since 1998 - Carmen since 1999 - Magic from the Dance since 2000 - Romanza with Helen Schneider, Königstein Castle Celebration, Nahe-Festival (until 2005) since 2001 - Stardance, Dance Queen/Abbafever since 2002 - Evita since 2003 - The Vienna Johann Strauss Waltz Gala, Celebration under the Superstars (Herrenchiemsee Castle) since 2004 - The Magic Flute, Jedermann since 2005 - YESTERDAY EVENING of Spectacular Basic, Area di Bavaria, Wörthersee Celebration 2006 - The Globe Football Concerts on the FIFA Globe Glass, Jesus Christ Superstar, Galanacht des Musicals, Mozart Gala 2007 - GOD, THE FATHER of the Bands in concert, Queen - a ballet homage by Ben truck Cauwenberg 2008 - Aida, the music by Elton John and Tim Rice 2009 - Jekyll & Hyde 2011 - Phantom from the Opera Birthday Gala on the O2 Globe in Berlin, THE GREAT Shadows 2012 - THE GREAT ShadowsAdvocacy Events since 2002 - annual Movie theater for Peacefulness Gala in Berlin 2005 - Long Walk to Justice / Live 8 Germany 2008 - Sports activities for Peace Advertising campaign at the summertime Olympics in Beijing 2009 - Movie theater for Peace Supper Honoring Mikhail Gorbachev for the occasion from the 20 wedding anniversary of nov the Berlin Wall structure 2010 - A PARTICULAR Evening on Justice on the Review Meeting from the Rome Statute in Kampala, Uganda 2010 – Sports activities for Peacefulness Gala Event South Africa 2010 - Artwork & Movie theater for Peace Supper on the 41 Artwork Basel 2010 - Particular Youth Day Screening process of "Themba - A Youngster Called Wish" at Cape City, shown by Desmond Tutu, beginning the anti-AIDS-film-campaign 2010 - An Evening for Africa in NY with Bob Geldof and Sharon Rock 2010 - Green Evening in Berlin with Sebastian Copeland and Orlando Bloom 2011 – Movie theater for Peacefulness Honorary Supper Cannes with Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Jane Fonda 2011 – Movie theater for Peace Supper and film symposium honoring Hans-Dietrich Genscher in Ljubljana 2011 – Movie theater for Peacefulness Welcome Supper in St.Tropez 2011 – Movie theater for Peace Supper for Tibet, screenings, symposium and speeches for the occasion from the go to of His Holyness the 14 Dalai Lama to Wiesbaden 2011 - Movie theater for Peacefulness Evening on the problem of Child Military and petition in The Hague on the International Lawbreaker Courtroom 2011 – Movie theater for Peace Supper in NY celebrating the display of the initial universal individual rights logo design 2011 - Justice Gala in NY staged alongside the Office from the Prosecutor from the International Lawbreaker Courtroom 2012 - Movie theater for Peace LA – Help Haiti House 2012 – Artwork & Movie theater for Peace Artwork Basel to get Ai Weiwei 2012 – In the Name of Justice - Farewell Event for Luis Moreno-Ocampo on the International Lawbreaker Courtroom 2012 – “Sports activities for Peacefulness” London honoring Muhammad Ali and celebrating his primary values for the occasion from the Olympic Video games 2012 – Movie theater for Peace Supper NY – Performers help Advancement and Climate Security, honoring Sting and Trudie Styler 2013 – Movie theater for Peacefulness Gala for Mankind, LA 2013 - Movie theater for Peace Supper Honoring UN Females, Berlin

Film Productions

Not similar procedure as each year - Dinner for those with Bob Geldof and Katja Riemann (2007) All of a sudden Gina (de) with Iris Berben, Julia Jentsch, Jan Josef Liefers and Catherine Deneuve (2007) We don't feel just like dancing brief film (2008) Eric Bergkraut's documentary Letter to Anna on the subject of the murdered Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya (2008) This Prison Where We Live, co-production for Rex Bloomstein’s documentary on the subject of the Burmese comedian “Zarganar”(2010) Steuer gegen Armut - Eine gute Idee, producer from the German spot from the Robin-Hood-Tax-Campaign, subsequent a concept of Richard Curtis (2010) Following the Silence, co-production for Marcus Vetter's documentary (2011) The Song of Names, co-production for Vadim Perelman's feature film, starring Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman (2012)


Václav Havel, the former Czech chief executive, in 2008 committed the viewers award for "Notice to Anna" at the main one World International Human being Rights Film Event. The Prague event uses worldwide documentary movies to highlight possibilities for folks to champion human being privileges. "I don't feel just like dance" received the honor "Best Brief Fiction Film" from the "GoEast Festival" in Apr 2008