Jack Chambers (linguist)


J. K. “Jack port” Chambers (given birth to 12 July 1938 in Grimsby, Ontario) is usually a Canadian linguist, and a well-known professional on language variance and change, that has played a significant role in study on Canadian British because the 1980s; he offers coined the conditions “Canadian Bringing up” and “Canadian Dainty”, the second option utilized for Canadian conversation that mimics the English, well-known till the mid-20th hundred years. He is a teacher of linguistics on the College or university of Toronto since getting his a Ph.D. through the College or university of Alberta in 1970. He in addition has been a going to teacher at many colleges world-wide, including Hong Kong College or university, College or university of Szeged, Hungary, College or university of Kiel in Germany, Canterbury College or university in New Zealand, the College or university of Reading as well as the College or university of York in the united kingdom. He is the writer of the web site Dialect Topography, which compiles information regarding dialectal variant in the Golden Horseshoe area from the US/Canada. Chambers in addition has written extensively on jazz, including such statistics as Mls Davis and Duke Ellington.


His works consist of: 1975 Canadian British: Roots and Constructions 1979 The Dialects of Canada 1983 Milestones We: The Music and Occasions of Kilometers Davis to 1960 1985 Milestones II: The Music and Occasions of Kilometers Davis since 1960 1991 Dialects of British: Research in Grammatical Variance (with Peter Trudgill) 1998 Dialects and Accents (with David Britain) 1998 Dialectology (with Peter Trudgill) 2002 The Handbook of Vocabulary Variation and Switch (with Peter Trudgill and Natalie Schilling-Estes) 2003 Sociolinguistic Theory: Linguistic Variance and Its Sociable Significance

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