Irma Carmona


Irma Carmona is a Latin American tone of voice actress as well as the Mexican tone of voice of Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon. She was also the tone of voice of feminine Ranma in Ranma ½.


Lala in Ojamajo Doremi (1999–2003) Michelle Kaio/Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon S (1997–1998), Sailor Moon Superstars (1999), Sailor Moon S: Hearts In Glaciers (1998), and Sailor Moon SuperS: The Dark Dream Opening (1999) Estudiante in Sailor Moon R: The Guarantee from the Rose (1997) Pc #1 in Ghost in the Shell (1996) Shazara in Dangaioh (1996) Becky Farrah in Gunsmith Pet cats (1995) Ranma Saotome (woman) in Ranma ½ (1993–1997) Bunnie Rabbot in Sonic SatAM John Darling in Peter Skillet as well as the Pirates Monica in the activities of pete and pete Sibling Carry in The Berenstain Bears (1987-1989)