Iñaki Antón


Weñaki Antón González (Spanish pronunciation: [weˈɲakj‿anˈtoŋ gonˈθaleθ]; August 3, 1964), also known by his stage name Uoho, can be a Spanish musician, songwriter and record maker. He was the business lead guitarist of Platero y Tú, and today is an associate of Extremoduro and his single project, Inconscientes.

Weñaki Antón González was created on 3 August 1964 in Bilbao. He spent his youngsters at Zabala (Bilbao), where he fulfilled his Platero y Tú bandmates. He began with traditional music learning piano. At 14 or 15 years of age started to pay attention to traditional rock bands such as for example Deep Crimson or Position Quo with 17 or 18 he discovered to play acoustic guitar self-taught. He began using Juantxu Olano inside a music group called Ke plus they documented a four tunes demonstration tape. In 1989 Antón became a member of Juantxu, Jesús García and Fito Cabrales plus they created Platero y Tú. He also began a collaboration using the music group Extremoduro and from 1996 he became a member of them as well. In 2001 Antón, Fito and Roberto Iniesta created the supergroup Extrechinato con Tú along with poet Manolo Chinato. The next year, Fito offered an interview towards the press and he verified that he remaining Platero y Tú, and therefore the group disbanded. He produced the record label Muxik along with Robe in 2006. Antón also created another music group known as Inconscientes that 12 months and released a studio room recording in 2007 under his personal label, Muxik.


Platero y Tú

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Extrechinato y Tú

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Career as record producer


Rock and roll transgresivo (1994, along with Extremoduro) Agila (1996) Iros todos a tomar por culo (1997) Canciones prohibidas (1998) Yo, smallía absoluta (2002) Grandes éxitos con fracasos (Episodio primero) (2004) Grandes éxitos con fracasos (Episodio segundo) (2004) La ley innata (2008) Materials defectuoso (2011) Em virtude de todos los públicos (2013)


Besos de perro (2003)

Chorra 'n Rock

En peligro de extinción (2003)

Afónicos Perdidos

Sin dar marcha atrás (2004)

Fito & Fitipaldis

A puerta cerrada (1998) Los sueñoperating-system locos (2001) Lo más lejos a tu lado (2003)


Lejos (2006)

Doctor Deseo

Sexo, ternura con misterio (2008)

Memoria de Pez

En el mar de los sueños (2008)


Retales de vino con luna (2009)


Zoramena (2002) Disko Infernu (2005) Laino Guztien Gainetik, Sasi Guztien Azpitik (2008)