Hasan Čengić


Hasan Čengić (Bosnian pronunciation: [hǎsan t͡ʃěŋgit͡ɕ]; blessed 30 August 1957) may be the previous Deputy Primary Minister and Protection Minister from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Čengić was created in Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina. FEMALE cleric, he was convicted alongside the potential chief executive Alija Izetbegović from the communist program of Yugoslavia in 1983 and offered five many years of a ten-year phrase. He is an associate of a robust clan headed by his dad, Halid Čengić, the primary logistics professional in the Bosnian Military and a senior formal, along with his sons, in Bosnia’s Agencija za Informacije I Dokumentaciju (Help) intelligence company. Hasan Čengić offers travelled regularly to Tehran since 1983 and continues to be deeply involved with Iranian hands shipments to Bosnia. Through the Bosnian Battle, he resided in Tehran and Istanbul. Relating to Austrian law enforcement, Čengić was for the supervisory panel of the 3rd World Relief Company (TWRA), a Sudan-based, phoney humanitarian company linked to Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network. Čengić’s participation was confirmed with the TWRA’s movie director, Elfatih Hassanein. Well informed resources in Sarajevo declare that just Hasan addressed Izetbegović with ‘ti’ (second person singular, used simply because an informal type of address) even though all of the others addressed him simply because ‘Mr. Leader,’ an indicator of his outstanding amount of intimacy using the president. Seeing that minister for refugee resettlement following the conflict, he continues to be accused of intimidating Serb refugees time for their homes, but hardly ever convicted. The Slobodna Bosna newspaper has argued that Čengić may be the business partner of Russian mobster, arms seller and former KGB officer Viktor Bout, nicknamed “the Product owner of Loss of life”. IN-MAY 2006, when 200,000 AK-47 assault rifles proceeded to go lacking in transit from Bosnia to Iraq, among Bout’s airlines was the carrier.