Harry Buhrman

Harry Buhrman
Fields Computer Science, Quantum Computing
Institutions CWI
Institute for Advanced Studies
Alma mater University of Amsterdam
Doctoral advisor Peter van Emde Boas
Notable students Ronald de Wolf, Stephanie Wehner, Troy Lee
Known forApplications of the Grothendieck inequality in quantum nonlocality
Quantum fingerprinting
Decision tree model
Communication complexity and quantum nonlocality
Influences Paul Vitanyi, Avi Wigderson


Harry Buhrman is a Dutch Pc Scientist, currently Teacher of algorithms, intricacy theory, and quantum processing at the College or university of Amsterdam (UvA), group head from the Quantum Processing Group on the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), and professional movie director of QuSoft, the Dutch analysis middle for quantum software program. Buhrman analysis interests are in Quantum Computing, Quantum Details, Quantum Cryptography, Computational intricacy theory, Kolmogorov Complexity, and Computational Biology. Buhrman contributed substantially towards the quantum analogue of Conversation complexity, exhibiting an edge of the usage of qubits in distributed information-processing duties. Although quantum entanglement can’t be used to displace conversation, may be used to reduce the conversation exponentially.


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