Gwendolyn Bowers


Gwendolyn Bowers can be an American author, mainly of juvenile historical fiction. Delivered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, she actually is a graduate from the Boston College or university College of Education, learning creative writing, dilemma and the great arts right now there. She trained in the British department from the Rhode Isle School of Style for fourteen years. She wedded George Ellery Washburn, teacher emeritus of French at Boston College or university, plus they make their house in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


The Adventures of Philippe: A tale of old Kebec (1949, with Fritz Kredel) At the hallmark of the world (H.Z. Walck, 1966) Sibling to Galahad (H.Z. Walck, 1963) A day with Dave (Morrow, 1959) Trip for Jemima (H.Z. Walck, 1960) The Shed Dragon of Wessex (Oxford University or college Press, 1957) The Wishing Publication Doll (Morrow, 1957)