Graziano Cecchini


Graziano Cecchini (given birth to 21 Oct 1953) can be an Italian musician and activist most widely known for his functions of “vandalism” artwork.


Trevi Fountain Dye

On 19 Oct 2007, Cecchini poured a may of dye in to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, leading to the fountain to spout crimson water for a number of hours. He also left out many leaflets urging the general public to "accept color". Rome law enforcement recognized Cecchini as the vandal from CCTV video footage and positioned him under analysis for allegedly harming a historic or creative building.Cecchini afterwards took responsibility for the vandalism on it present Le Iene: "Right now there is the Crimson Carpet Crimson, crimson Valentino and crimson Ferrari. There can be the reddish colored Trevi." He continuing: "I really do not really accept that it's still stated that it had been an work of vandalism; I ready everything at length and our creative provocation didn't damage the monument. Initial, it was not really aniline that was utilized, as all papers have created. That stuff can be carcinogenic and wouldn't normally have had an instantaneous effect. Basic and harmless, green tempera was utilized. Of course the usage of red isn't arbitrary; I'm an musician and I understand the refined power of every color, I needed to obtain that red rather than another, not really departing the percentage of tint to possibility. To make sure there will be no harm, the mixture was initially tested within a pool, though it was realized that the true vandal the alderman for ethnic traditions: the fountain is indeed filthy and caked with limestone it might be difficult stain the marble." The work was done being a protest against the Rome Film Celebration organization.Following the incident, technicians shut down the fountain and could actually restore an obvious flow. Neither the fountain nor its statues had been permanently damaged.

Spanish Steps

Cecchini's other well known overall performance occurred on 16 January 2008, when he rolled 500,000 colored balls straight down the Spanish Actions. Each ball "displayed a lie informed with a politician," Cecchini informed the Italian press.The stunt was designed to draw focus on the struggles from the Karen people. "I am departing for Burma, these balls can help the Karen people," he stated as he strolled down the guidelines with balls jumping around him.Cecchini paid approximately twenty-five thousands of euro for the balls and 10 trucks to move them. Italian law enforcement arrested him on the scene.


In the 1970s, Cecchini was among the leaders of "National Volunteers", led by Giorgio Almirante from the MSI. He later on joined the motion of Roberto Fiore. He was appointed "assessore al Nulla" (Councillor Nothing at all) in the city of Salemi and in 2011 was an applicant for future years and Independence Party on the town council of Latina.