George Armitage

George Armitage
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George Armitage
BornGeorge Brendan Armitage
Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
OccupationDirector, Writer, Producer, Actor
Years active1965-present
ChildrenBrent Armitage


George Armitage (given birth to 1942) can be an American film movie director, screenwriter, and manufacturer who got his begin within the steady of up-and-coming filmmakers who broke in to the business through Roger Corman’s ” NEW WORLD ” Pictures. He’s renowned as the movie director of the movies Miami Blues and Grosse Pointe Empty.


Armitage was created in Hartford Connecticut. His mom was a article writer who wished to get into films so they transferred to Beverly Hillsides in 1956, when Armitage was 13."What a lifestyle surprise," he shown afterwards. "I’m still reeling. In Connecticut there wasn’t a sizzling hot rod around the corner. Out here it had been people racing along the road, building their very own cars—it had been teenage paradise, the youngsters were working everything." He went to UCLA where he majored in economics and politics science. While looking forward to his property licence to arrive through, Armitage got into the film sector in 1965 via the email area at 20th Hundred years Fox. He afterwards said:I have an extremely personal romantic relationship to film. I've attended films on a regular basis since I used to be a youngster. I thought I possibly could have a blast trying to create them. I usually thought I used to be pretty near what people had been thinking. There are many tricks to become played, what to be achieved in film. Film is indeed near to the method the mind functions - what sort of brain communicates with itself. Film is normally a wish, an psychological coda.Armitage afterwards recalled The counterculture motion had begun, as well as the people jogging Fox, especially in the tv screen department, were these 30-ish hipsters, sort of jazz men. Suddenly I used to be a person, getting 20 or 21, who could show them that which was taking place, and I became extremely valuable over the great deal." He began composing screenplays in his free time.In 1966 Armitage became a co-employee producer on Peyton Place, "mainly to cope with the small children on the show, to greatly help them loop their lines." Armitage recalls his period at Fox as an "amazing experience... I proceeded to go from manufacturer to producer all around the great deal pitching tips, I developed series, I had written a thing or two for tv and, about this time, started composing screenplays.Armitage worked while associate producer about Judd for the Protection and created a Television series and tried to co-produce a Television film but neither went beyond script stage.


Armitage met Gene and Roger Corman in Fox while these were building The St ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION Massacre:The commissary was a location called the “Platinum Room” where in fact the producers would go. These were all type of mothballed, however they still experienced energy enough to snob the tv screen people, who have been making Large Noon, Shed in Space, Batman. The film producers would take a seat on the additional side of the area from it people. This remaining the TV people who have no one else to snob, therefore they might snob Roger Corman... And that basically pissed me away, because I had been a lover of his. THEREFORE I began to check out him around the arranged and the whole lot, and informed him about the discord that was happening, and he got a kick out of this.Armitage still left Fox in 1967 to spotlight movies. He published a script known as Carrot Butts about cartoon cartoon characters arriving at life. This is delivered to the Cormans, who loved it but cannot get financing. Nevertheless Armitage then published Gas-s-s-s for him.Gas-s-s-s impressed Corman enough to permit Armitage to create and direct Personal Duty Nurses. Corman optioned an Armitage script Arriving Together.In 1972 Armitage wrote and directed Hit Man[1], recently acclaimed in John Cribbs' Obscure Genius series".In 1975 Armitage was quoted within an article as saying:I make an effort to follow the Hollywood sports activities - to find out who's winning. It generally does not seem the very best system to create movies that are both interesting and industrial, but it is the only 1 that functions, at least for me personally. I think there has to be different ways but I cannot think about them. It's new to me, also after a decade. I'd like to find out even more courage and creativity, obviously. That's something to consider.In 1976 Vigilante Force. The picture had not been a large achievement and Armitage's profession after that became bogged down in "advancement hell", in addition to the film Hot Fishing rod. Armitage spend the 1980s mainly writing screenplays that have been never made.In 1990 Armitage wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Miami Blues[2].In 1997 Armitage directed the additional acclaimed Grosse Pointe Blank

Selected filmography


The Big Jump (2004) Grosse Pointe Empty (1997) Miami Blues (1990) Hot Fishing rod (1979) (Television) Vigilante Power (1976) Hit Guy (1972) Private Responsibility Nurses (1971)


The Late Change (1996) (TV) Miami Blues (1990) THE FINAL of the best possible (1990) Hot Rod (1979) (TV) Vigilante Force (1976) Darktown Strutters (1975) Strike Man (1972) Evening Call Nurses (1972) Private Duty Nurses (1971) Gas-s-s-s (1971)


The Big Jump (2004) Private Responsibility Nurses (1971) Gas-s-s-s (1971)


Caged Heat (1974) – Driver Von Richthofen and Brownish (1971) – Wolff Gas-s-s-s (1970) – Billy A CHILD

Unmade screenplays

Carrott Butts (past due 1960s) - pitched to Roger Corman Approaching Together (1970) for Roger Corman Trophy (1970s) - tale of two law enforcement departments who result in a firing battle Pochantonas Revenge (1975) - in regards to a wonder staged with a stunt guy and special results person to improve a little town's nature Tantruma (1975) for maker Paul Lazarus - in regards to a guy buying female from his past