Gaël Aymon


Gaël Aymon can be an writer, screenwriter, film director and maker given birth to in Paris, France. Having went to the acting colleges of Les Cours Florent as well as the Studio Pygmalion, Gael Aymon 1st embarks on the career in performing and directing. He spent some time working as a maker and distributor for the movie theater and theatre. He was initially published like a children’s writer this year 2010.


For teenagers and young adults

Golden Valley (Gallimard Jeunesse - Book - 2016) The ignored heroes - Quantity II "The Experts" (Actes Sud Junior - Book- 2016) The ignored heroes - Quantity I actually "The gates of oblivion" (Actes Sud Junior - Book- 2015) Forgetting Camille (Actes Sud Junior - Book - Rentrée littéraire 2014) Ma reputation (Actes Sud Junior – Book – 2013)

For children

Les grandes annees - Quantity III, IV & V (Nathan - 2018) Snow White (Nathan - 2018) Les grandes annees - Quantity I & II (Nathan - 2017) Le conte des trois flocons (Bayard Editions - J'aime Lire poche - 2015) Perce-Neige et les trois ogresses (Éditions Skills Hauts - 2014) – backed by Amnesty International Le magic formula le plus fort du monde (Les éditions du Ricochet – 2014) The boy from the giants ("Le fils des géants" – Éditions Skills Hauts – 2013) – backed by Amnesty International Scarlet Household slippers ("Les souliers écarlates" – Éditions Skills Hauts – 2012) – backed by Amnesty International An UGLY Birthday ("L'anniversaire


Full list right here : Oublier CamilleProgram 2016 de l’Éducation Nationale, lectures cursives jeunesse, classes de 4e, « Dire l’amour, dire l’absence » Ma réputationPrix littéraire Marguerite-Bahuet 2017Prix littéraire "slam ta lecture " 2017Prix de la ville Cherbourg-Octeville 2015Prix Gr’Aisne de critique 2014-20152e prix Jacaranda 2016 (Maroc) Perce-Neige et les trois ogressesPrix Littéraire du Val de l'Aurence 2016 Une place dans la courPrix Tartines Fraises 2013