Francesca Borri


Francesca Borri (given birth to 1980) can be an Italian journalist and article writer.


She studied in Florence and Pisa and spent some time working in the Balkans and the center East. Her initial reserve Non aprire mai (2008) was a report of the issue in Kosovo. This year 2010, she released a book over the Israel-Palestine issue entitled Qualcuno con cui parlare. Israeliani e Palestinesi (You to definitely speak to. Israelis and Palestinians).In 2012, she began reporting from Syria. Her most recent function La guerra dentro, a function of reportage over the Syrian civil battle, provides received an British translation by Anne Milano Appel, released in 2016, beneath the title Syrian Dirt.Borri writes regularly for Il Fatto Quotidiano, Internazionale, and Al-Monitor.


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