Felix Cheong

Felix Cheong
OccupationPoet, Novelist
GenreYoung adult fiction, poetry


Felix Cheong is a Singaporean writer and poet. Cheong has written two young adult fiction books used within a nationwide education advertising campaign – THE DECISION From Crying Home (ISBN 9789814189057) and its own sequel, THE GIRL WITHIN THE LAST Carriage (ISBN 9789814189118). Cheong’s first assortment of poetry, Enticement and Other Poems (ISBN 9789813065178) was released in 1998 accompanied by another collection in 1999, We Watch the Superstars VENTURE OUT (ISBN 9789810411275), Broken with the Rainfall (ISBN 9789810480332) in 2003, and Sudden in Youngsters: New and Selected Poems (ISBN 9789810834128) in ’09 2009. Cheong won the Country wide Arts Council’s Little Artist of the entire year for Literature Prize in 2000 as well as the poetry slam in the Hong Kong International Literary Event in 2004. His newer writing such as for example in the Singapore Siu Dai series has included more sociable and political commentary.


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