Enrique Alba

Enrique Alba
Born (1968-10-23) 23 October 1968 (age 48)
Benamocarra, Mסlaga, Spain
FieldsComputer Science
InstitutionsUniversity of Mסlaga


Dr. Enrique Alba can be a teacher of computer technology at the College or university of Málaga, Spain. He got his Ph.D. level on developing and examining parallel and distributed hereditary algorithms. His current study interests involve the look and software of evolutionary algorithms, ant colony marketing, particle swarm marketing, and additional bio-inspired systems to genuine complications including telecommunications, software program engineering, combinatorial marketing, and bioinformatics amongst others. The main concentrate of most his work can be on parallel metaheuristics and multiobjective marketing for complex complications.


Prof. Alba network marketing leads the NEO (Networking and Rising Marketing) group on the school of Málaga, Spain.His ongoing analysis includes the areas of random metropolitan network marketing, optimal style of GSM systems, logistics, automobile routing, natural vocabulary tagging, software executive, DNA fragment assembly, gene microarrays, slicing/packing, software tests and validation, and generally combinatorial problems lying down in the bottom of real life problems. New areas like multiobjective methods with high scalability, grid/P2P/Internet systems, dynamic marketing of complications whose definition modification with time, and heterogeneous algorithms are handled as component both of fundamental and applied study. Recently, he continues to be involved in many tasks and Ph.D. theses coping with the building and usage of vehicular random networks.As for methods, Alba and his group are working mainly with metaheuristics, possibly bio-inspired or not really, and in addition hybridization with additional (possibly exact) strategies. Specifically, hereditary algorithms, particle swarm, ant colonies, simulated annealing, branch and destined, differential evolution, adjustable community search, and related solvers are utilized.Prof. Alba offers released 7 books on metaheuristics and bio-inspired methods, a lot more than 50 documents indexed in ISI effect journals, and a lot more than 200 meeting documents. He offers coordinated many Spanish national studies like TRACER, OPLINK, M*, DIRICOM and the brand new roadME effort. His work offers accomplished internationalization via his involvement in bilateral tasks with INRIA like PERFOM, MOID, Robust&Green, and Western european CELTIC tasks like CARLINK or FP7 COADVISE. He keeps energetic collaborations by becoming a member of magazines and exchanges with an increase of than 20 worldwide colleges and labs, and his study in Málaga can be provoking commercial transferences to many businesses including TARTEC S.A., OPTIMI, Arelance, NOVASOFT, ETRA I+D, Moviquity, VTT, and Synergiums.Alba functions in this program committee of well-known essential conferences in a number of areas, including ACM GECCO, IEEE CEC, PPSN, Evo*, IPDPS, aswell as organizing international occasions frequently. He also functions as a reviewer for the IEEE Transactions Publications on Evolutionary Computation, Education, and Parallel and Distributed Systems. Besides, he's a dynamic reviewer for SMC, JPDC, PARCO, Journal of Heuristics, JMMA, EJOR, Pc Marketing communications, MIT Evolutionary Computation, Software program Practice and Encounter, and Info Sciences.According to create or Perish, he currently comes with an H Index of 36, and a lot more than 6000 cites to his function.

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