Emir Baigazin

Emir Baigazin
Born (1984-07-19) July 19, 1984 (age 33)
Tamdy village, Alga District, Kazakhstan


Emir Baigazin (Kazakh: Эмир Кенжеғазыұлы Байғазин, Russian: Эмир Кенжегазиевич Байгазин; delivered July 19, 1984) can be a Kazakh professional and film movie director, mixed up in styles of auteur movie theater and art-house. Baigazin was created in Tamdy community, Alga Region in the Aktobe Province of Kazakhstan. After graduating from senior high school in Alga from 2002 to 2004 he researched on the performing school from the T. Akhtanov Aktobe Crisis Movie theater, and in 2004 he moved into the Kazakh Country wide Academy of Arts, using the area of expertise of film path and movie theater. In Sept 2007, he participated in the Busan International Film Celebration, the Asian Film Academy (AFA). In Feb 2008, he was an associate from the Berlin camp of youthful talent on the 58th Berlin International Film Celebration in Germany.


Day View (2005) — youthful Tamerlan.Short movies: Russian: Весёлые и обиженные (2006) — screenwriter, director and cameraman. Steppe (Russian: Степь, 2007) — screenwriter, movie director and cameraman. Virgins (Russian: Девственники, 2007) — screenwriter and movie director. Russian: Весогонщик (2008) — screenwriter and movie director. Silhouettes of Almaty (Russian: Силуэты Алматы, 2007) — manufacturer.Feature movies: Tranquility Lessons (Russian: Уроки гармонии) is a 2013 Kazakh-German coproduction. It earned Baigazin the Berlinale Globe Cinema Fund award and was proven on the Tribeca Film Celebration. He was nominated for the Asia Pacific Display screen Award for Accomplishment in Directing because of this film. The Wounded Angel (Russian: