Emily Benn


Emily Sophia Wedgwood Benn (given birth to 4 Oct 1989) can be an British Labour politician. She actually is the eldest kid and only little girl of Stephen Benn, 3rd Viscount Stansgate and Nita Clarke (née Bowes), as well as the granddaughter from the past due Labour MP Tony Benn. She was an unsuccessful Parliamentary applicant in both 2010 and 2015 UK general elections. On the 2014 regional elections, Benn was elected towards the Western world Thornton ward of Croydon Borough Council. She functions on the “multi-asset sales force” at expenditure bank UBS.

Early and family life

Benn was created in 1989 in Croydon, Britain, at that time that this Labour Party Meeting of that 12 months had been held. Benn is usually a quarter-Indian on her behalf mother's part, and lives in NEW YORK. Benn statements that her 1st political encounter was campaigning on her behalf grandfather in his Chesterfield constituency in the 1992 general election at age group two, and she became a member of the Labour Party at age group 14.Four decades of her family members have served while British Users of Parliament (MP) – uncle Hilary Benn, grandfather Tony Benn, great-grandfather William Wedgwood Benn and great-great-grandfathers, John Williams Benn and Daniel Holmes.


Benn attended Wallington SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for women where she achieved 11 A* levels in her GCSEs. She after that studied music, background and Latin for An even at St Olave's Sentence structure School, and afterwards studied Background and Politics at New University, Oxford.

Political career

Candidacy for Parliament

On 12 Sept 2007, three weeks before her 18th birthday, Benn was preferred simply because the Labour applicant for the Western world Sussex constituency of East Worthing and Shoreham on the 2010 general election.The sitting MP, Conservative Tim Loughton, was defending many over Labour of 8,183 in the 2005 general election. In the election, Benn emerged third, 4,276 votes behind the second-placed Liberal Democrats, while Loughton elevated his bulk to 11,105.On 16 July 2014, Benn was selected as the Labour applicant for Croydon South for the 2015 General Election. She elevated the Labour vote talk about by 4.8%, but was defeated by Conservative candidate Chris Philp.

Local councillor

In July 2013, Benn was decided on as you of three Labour candidates for the ward of Western Thornton on Croydon Borough Council in the 2014 regional council elections. IN-MAY 2014, she was elected the surface of the ballot with most 1,777. She resigned being a councillor in 2016.

Andrew Fisher complaint

In the Autumn of 2015, Benn formally complained about Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn's head of plan, for assisting the Class War get together at the overall election previous that year; Fisher was suspended. The Guardian also mentioned that 'Fisher Followers' had remarked that a page entitled 'Emily Benn for Croydon South' on Facebook released a re-tweet recommending Labour members who have been 'disappointed' with Corbyn's 'male dominated' management sign up for the Women's Equality Party.

Electoral history

2015 general election

General election 2015: Croydon Southern Party Candidate Votes % ± Conservative Chris Philp 31,448 54.5 +3.6 Labour Emily Benn 14,308 24.8 +4.8 UKIP Kathleen Garner 6,068 10.5 +6.1 Liberal Democrat Gill Hickson 3,448 6.0 -16.9 Green Peter Underwood 2,154 3.7 +2.0 Placing Croydon First! Tag Samuel 221 0.4 N/A Course Battle Jon Bigger 65 0.1 N/A Bulk 17,410 29.7 Turnout 57,712 70.4 +1.1 Conservative keep Swing -0.6%

2010 general election

General election 2010: East Worthing and Shoreham Party Candidate Votes % ± Traditional Tim Loughton 23,458 48.5 +4.6 Liberal Democrat James Doyle 12,353 25.5 +1.2 Labour Emily Benn 8,087 16.7 −8.8 UKIP Mike Glennon 2,984 6.2 +1.4 Green Susan Table 1,126 2.3 N/A British Democrat Clive Maltby 389 0.8 N/A Majority 11,105 22.9 Turnout 48,397 65.4 +3.6 Conservative keep Swing