Ely Calil

Ely Calil


Ely Calil (given birth to 8 Dec 1945 in Kano, Nigeria) is normally of Lebanese origin with Uk citizenship.


His ancestry could be traced back again to 1920s or 30s when his family members set up their house in Turkey after forcing to keep Lebanon because of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's reforms. Before he was created, his family members setup an essential oil mill for groundnut control in Lebanon in 1941. His dad, George Khalil, passed away in 1970, abandoning two sons, him [Ely] and Bernard, and was thought to possess bequeathed £20 million to Ely.


In 2002, Calil was arrested in Paris regarding the the Elf Aquitaine scandal but premiered on appeal.In 2004 Calil was purported to be part in the failed coup d'état in Equatorial Guinea and happens to be wanted by courts both in Equatorial Guinea and Southern Africa.. In Sept 2004, he was sued from the Equatorial Guinean authorities for allegedly to possess elevated $750 000 to financing the plot.

Personal life

He married his first wife, a Tennessee cigarette heiress named Frances Condon, at Roman Catholic Chapel in Farm Road, Mayfair in 1972. The few divorced in 1985, and the next year, Calil wedded a Lebanese socialite, Hayat Emma Morowa. The relationship also failed, and Calil wedded his third wife, Renuka Jaine, in 1989.