Eloïne Barry

Eloׯne BARRY
Eloׯne BARRY - Executive Director of African Press Organization - APO.JPG
Eloׯne BARRY
Former Executive Director of the African Press Organization
Former Media Relations Team Leader at PR Newswire
Personal details
NationalityGuinean and French
ResidenceDakar, Senegal


Eloïne Barry may be the ex – Executive Director from the African Press Firm (APO). Eloïne Barry found the African Press Firm after portion five years seeing that Media Relations Group Leader in PR Newswire, a information and details distribution program for professional communicators. Guinean-born Eloïne Barry holds diplomas in the French College for Press Officials & Professional Communicators (EFAP), and from the institution of Translation and International Relationships – Catholic School of Lyon – France (UCLy). Located in Dakar (Senegal), the African Press Organization – APO may be the leading news release cable in Africa, as well as the global leader in media relations linked to Africa. APO owns a mass media data source of 25,000 connections and can be an Africa-related information online community. The African Press Organization is headquartered in Senegal and has offices in Switzerland, India, and Seychelles.