Edmund Browne


Edmund Browne (given birth to 1937) can be an Irish previous trade unionist. Browne became mixed up in Irish Transportation and General Employees’ Union (ITGWU), and was elected seeing that Vice Leader in 1983, defeating Des Geraghty with a margin which surprised his followers. In 1990, the ITGWU merged using the Employees’ Union of Ireland to create SIPTU (Providers, Industrial, Professional and Techie Union), and Browne was elected as joint General Leader alongside Costs Attley. Attley afterwards became General Secretary, and Browne kept the post by itself until his pension in 1998. Browne served seeing that Treasurer from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) from 1989 to 1995, and from 1997 to 1999 seeing that ICTU President.